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Full Version: Neon's A Doll A Day Challenge 2018
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So, after kind encouragement by davidd and Alliecat, I decided to spam this abnormally lovely place with my A Doll A Day photos.

They're mostly my MH dolls, as those make up most of my collection, but there are some Pullip pics, too. At this moment, I'm in process of taking photos of all my dolls and armies to have a catalogue of a sort. My photos are rather bad and you'll often see over-exposed pics and such, but I'm still having a lot of fun with this challenge.

I'll post my previous photos in clusters, so this first page is going to be awfully image heavy - I can't seem to be able to figure out spoilers! I tried to use the standard [spoiler][/spoiler] and [spoiler=name][/spoiler], but it doesn't work...

I left out all descriptions and comments, but if you want to know which doll is which or anything else, please let me know!

ETA: I forgot to say that I started this challenge over on MHA Arena. Now my dolly army has invaded Dolly Market, and next I'll take over the whole world, mwhahahahaaaaaaa!

January - part 1

Day 1
[Image: 69222af9aa9c0c04893d74c3d3ac9221.jpg]

Day 2
[Image: 656cd0a0d6e08b97b246d65d8b09e2d5.jpg]

Day 3
[Image: ff79355a9af001c33dd9a78397724fe5.jpg]

Day 4
[Image: 990e8ceb0d967dda18de6209b96028d1.jpg]

Day 5
[Image: e296c2a7074714d3b63255b6620effc2.jpg]

Day 6
[Image: 1b27a4f0243f8ba6ac64b351a7a91a12.jpg]

Day 7
[Image: 29e148a8cbfbf5ce12264935bb8a31cf.jpg]

Day 8
[Image: 616f5bbdd6ba9ba2539670c1970581a8.jpg]

I'll post the rest later, to avoid making 2 or more miles long post.
YAY! It's lovely to see new people joining in. Glad you are going to take up the challenge. Some of us are finding this a very educational project, seeing the great variety of others' collections. (Check out the photo contest too!)
Thank you! I, too, like seeing others' collections and creativity - I'm fascinated by people who can actually take photos (I have a photo-tent and lights, but my skills are lacking).

January - part 2

Day 9
[Image: 66c1990b5032d522fd0c7a02f090ba67.jpg]

Day 10
[Image: af6c85e50e23499fdb5bfe2b9ab5771a.jpg]

Day 11
[Image: cb4a65ab7b4b874cc93d04f5bd25e96c.jpg]

Day 12
[Image: 5346637e8198f5ed670e9fd5094a72e2.jpg]

Day 13
[Image: 630f95097d6a501b46c64d41f4bdc9c4.jpg]

Day 14
[Image: 692b4caee590aa6761c0f02fa5cce993.jpg]

Day 15
[Image: a471f0353cc503f7de19ccf5f5de44e1.jpg]

Day 16
[Image: af34c2595ac068ffef263d8d0ec33276.jpg]
So many Frankie's :o.
Seeing as I already commented on these on MHA, I'll just say that it's great that you're joining in here too!

And do check out the monthly-ish photo contests too - it's another fun way to expand your skills & variety of shots (I know it's helped me heaps!)
(04-07-2018, 08:48 AM)Berrybyul Wrote: [ -> ]So many Frankie's :o.

Hehe, yeah. I can't resist a Frankie doll. Frankie army is my largest one.

(04-07-2018, 04:01 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: [ -> ]Seeing as I already commented on these on MHA, I'll just say that it's great that you're joining in here too!

And do check out the monthly-ish photo contests too - it's another fun way to expand your skills & variety of shots (I know it's helped me heaps!)

I'll check those too, thank you!

January - part 3

Day 17
[Image: a2f9234275debed96f2935055198babb.jpg]

Day 18
[Image: cc5caf764adf097ec7ad8a34e41aa47d.jpg]

Day 19
[Image: 918d460388db6b1341970f3cc3d77989.jpg]

Day 20
[Image: ef52cca30a8cf82ddb8998017a0d499a.jpg]

Day 21
[Image: 036839b10883abb071b850362b383ce6.jpg]

Day 22
[Image: c491a2b7561b19d45d9acdf72fe5157d.jpg]

Day 23
[Image: df0ae2e2dc0cd3acaa825770dcac89b2.jpg]

Day 24
[Image: 16d4c0fd45b1e4152adcfe4094103642.jpg]
I'm very pleased that you are taking part in A Doll A Day, and that you are gradually reposting your earlier photos from the other forum.

Your Monster High collection is spectacular! Your collection is truly "voltageous," and I am hoping there are more to come! The "Day 21" Cleo de Nile is a particularly amazing figure; I don't know what release that was, but she's stunning!

Your photos are extremely well-done portraits of a marvelous collection. In fact, I am obviously going to have to "up my game." I've become lazy these past several weeks with my quick, uncreative snapshots of boxed dolls.

What is the Pullip that is featured in Day 3, and what is that outfit she is wearing? It looks like an original Dynamite Girls Spooky Sooki outfit.

Please continue "spamming" us with your Doll A Day photos; and there's no need to hide them behind a "cut" or "spoiler" tag.
Thank you!

The Day 3 Pullip is Alura in her spare outfit (and without the skull-ribbon hairclip), day 21 Cleo is from the originally SDCC, but in the end only Mattel shop exclusive 2pack with Ghoulia (photo coming in the next bunch - day 25), some people call it the Origins pack, but as far as I'm aware, it doesn't really have any specific name. My MH collection currently consists of 98 dolls, and I'm still planning to get more, so yeah, there are many more to come!

I like your photos better, the pre-MIB ones are really creative, funny and downright beautiful!

January - part 4

Day 25
[Image: 6cf0deca01e2a5c23d78160a03b0058e.jpg]

Day 26
[Image: 2a6b0a6d2d40ec8b39e9d52a33822130.jpg]

Day 27
[Image: 1bcd3e6f562c7d52923eeed99cbf9b0b.jpg]

Day 28
[Image: 386238e352112cb9c5be5d43c8153c0f.jpg]

Day 29
[Image: 0363d015bf9fb65691762686a485c4e2.jpg]

Day 30
[Image: af901abc02e1c56e9e956a9183dee50d.jpg]

Day 31
[Image: 67e3030766fd6f9fee7d89f715323afe.jpg]
Ooh! You have the Ghoulia-Cleo "mummy" set! I was planning to get that set when it was first announced, but because it was a post-reboot release, I wasn't sure what the quality would be like, or if the figures would have the "new" faces.
all I can say is hi & wow !! I am so pleased you have joined us smile Your photos are beautiful & your dolls .. Oh My. The very first photo of LQ won my heart. You have some of my favourite pullips & the MH .. I have never seen half the releases you have and had the sales photos looked like yours I would not have been able to resist.

Your Frankie army is stunning Heart 2 May I ask who day 6 is? The group shot is amazing. Frankie & Ghoulia started as my favourites, but Spectra kinda pushed Frankie sideways. Ghoulia remains my #1. I don't own a Cleo but your photos make me want to change that. I want the twin pack of day 21 Cleo & day 25 Ghoulia, I expect it to be impossible or outrageously expensive so I will drool over your lovely photos instead.

Welcome grin
Ooo, I like your Cleos (?); is that who they are, the Day 22 gang? I'm not a fan of a lot of MHs but I like these! Many of your portraits are lovely!
Love all the Frankies! And the rest of your collection is amazing.
Thank you all for your kind comments!

As for 'Origins' 2pack - I highly recommend it! The problem is that since the pack was meant to be SDCC release, they only made limited amount, and as far as I know, it's out of stock now. They have G1 bodies and G1 faces with SIDEGLANCING eyes. The quality is top-notch.

Day 6 is Frankie-Frankie hybrid - it's Scaris Frankie's head on 13 Wishes Frankie's body (which, unlike all the other Frankies, has golden stitches).

Day 22 - 'standing' row, left to right: Picture Day Cleo, Ghouls Rule Cleo, Original Ghouls rerelease of signature Cleo, Origins 2pack Cleo, Boo York Boo York - Comet Crossed Couple 2pack Cleo; 'sitting' row, left to right: Creepateria Cleo, Dead Tired Cleo.

I also do a Top 5 of my photos for every month - I pick ones I like the best, for whatever reason.

January Top 5
[Image: 69222af9aa9c0c04893d74c3d3ac9221.jpg]
[Image: cb4a65ab7b4b874cc93d04f5bd25e96c.jpg]
[Image: af34c2595ac068ffef263d8d0ec33276.jpg]
[Image: 6cf0deca01e2a5c23d78160a03b0058e.jpg]
[Image: af901abc02e1c56e9e956a9183dee50d.jpg]


Now onto February - part 1

Day 32 ("Arooooo!")
[Image: b9feb92cec66ceb30722b1bfb095f3c0.jpg]

Day 33
[Image: 58636c12c913a1afeff93ce505567850.jpg]

Day 34
[Image: cb981c8240df518bcf6747454ddca4f9.jpg]

Day 35
[Image: 06024dbcf4e3bd66ba1f3d97a82ad276.jpg]

Day 36
[Image: bb879850fd2c66bfdb16536f47f9c954.jpg]

Day 37
[Image: bb5565172d9f620e62076733ea222bf9.jpg]

Day 38
[Image: d9ab3c199ab48aed4c62597646e96abe.jpg]
That Frankie group shot is great!!
Thank you! I do seem to remember you from MH Arena, are you still active there? (I only visit some threads, so I'm not sure)

February - part 2

Day 39
[Image: 0e415025b4b427b10a99aedcf7499c9f.jpg]

Day 40
[Image: cedd7e10464f88d018c7fc54d43d3014.jpg]

Day 41
[Image: 0cab52272a1b566477107cacff625d50.jpg]

Day 42
[Image: 2d72e3cfcf7af77973cddff818bd8247.jpg]

Day 43
[Image: b13ba78e5db6a46ae527c46d61e7f945.jpg]

Day 44
[Image: da34ca52b33e6f0845e1ffb0680027f3.jpg]

Day 45
[Image: 11bc01ef2ac4248b205fde3acfb20da6.jpg]