DeadlyNova Takes on A Doll A Day - 2019 Edition
She’s a sort of Christmas angel.
You have such a varied collection! I love seeing all these older and vintage treasures!
She's all wrapped up like a Christmas present herself! smile
[Image: 31728735737_cd1f6e1215_o.jpg]
[Image: 46617956492_0e037451bc_o.jpg][Image: 46617962422_dcf7bcbf7d_o.jpg][Image: 46617959642_ce589e251c_o.jpg]
Thank you guys! I like having a large variety of dolls. <3

Day 15:
[Image: 46706879602_8d85a6cbbc_z.jpg]ADAD 2019 15/365 by Haley, on Flickr
Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Maggot!

Here's my absolute favorite LDD! I think she's one of the cutest dolls in the world!

I went through a bit of hassle to get her. She's one of the few dolls in general I instantly fell in love with and pre-ordered the second I saw her. But if you guys know anything about LDD, they do 'variant' dolls of some of the dolls, which are similar dolls with a different color scheme and other different things about them. Usually the variants are released a little later than the regular dolls, but with this doll they accidentally shipped out variants to a lot of people instead of the regular doll. I ended up with a variant, and I hated her. She was WAY different than this doll, had straight white hair, a completely different outfit, different paint, literally everything was different. I was super upset, but I found someone to trade the variant with me for the regular version that same day on Instagram.

She ended up coming on a holiday, and I couldn't find the package so I called the post office the next day. It'd been raining for several days, and I ended up finding her while I was on the phone with the post office the next day. The mail carrier had thrown her in the woods beside my driveway. The shipping box was soaking wet, obviously, but thankfully her actual box and she herself were undamaged.

Resurrection Maggot is an anniversary edition of the original Living Dead Doll Maggot! I like her as well, but I think this version is much cuter. <3
[Image: 29945233678_9eed74ae12_o.png]
Holy cow, I hope you complained to the post office. Throwing boxes in the woods is totally unacceptable service. She had quite a journey to reach you; glad you finally got her.
[Image: 31728735737_cd1f6e1215_o.jpg]
[Image: 46617956492_0e037451bc_o.jpg][Image: 46617962422_dcf7bcbf7d_o.jpg][Image: 46617959642_ce589e251c_o.jpg]
That’s poor service. Thankfully the doll was undamaged.
Oh my, that was quite an adventure she had to go through! I'm glad she's made it home without serious injuries. She's adorable!
That’s terrible service and I’m glad she made it safe and undamaged fubalky
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