dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
She's a star!
My Christmas tree was still up at Easter last year so you’re doing fine. smile

I like your pictures so far!
Week three (no more Christmas!)

[Image: 46833046961_ac20c93ddd_z.jpg]Iris39 by tisue999, on Flickr
She's pretty. The grey eyes and dark hair look good with her little bit of blush.
[Image: 47807942631_5f998ec5a7_o.jpg]
[Image: 46617956492_0e037451bc_o.jpg][Image: 46617962422_dcf7bcbf7d_o.jpg][Image: 46617959642_ce589e251c_o.jpg]
Is she celebrating anti Christmas?
She's so beautiful! Love her eyes!
Echoing others - here eyes are so pretty!
Glad everyone likes her eyes-- I just changed them recently after always getting annoyed by how her original foil chips glinted in the camera flash.

I don't know about anti-Christmas... I think she's giving the side-eye that my first two Doll-of-the-Week models got fun props and she didn't.
Have to agree with everyone else that those eyes are gorgeous with her coloring.
Oh, her eyes are so pale and lovely
No Christmas decorations for Week Three, but at least she's wearing red!

Congratulations on joining A Doll A Week! You're off to a strong start!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Beautful eyes, like everyone else has said.
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Week four

[Image: 45981272795_428cb039de_z.jpg]Zadie53 by tisue999, on Flickr
Love those dark-rimmed grey eyes! And, of course, black hair in bangs!

The "Wednesday Addams" little goth girl look is really taking over the forum these days, it seems! LOL

Is that eye shading the original face-up, or is this a custom?
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Nope, that's the original faceup. Lyla has one of the most beautiful Dal faceups in my opinion smile

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