Yeolume #003, Hatsune Miku! Unboxing and review.
There she is at last,


She come in a very simple box. Nothing fancy here.

[Image: 6p05lJ7.jpg]
[Image: H7JOFXN.jpg]

Opening the box, you can be disappointed like me to see that there is absolutely no doll stand included. Why? Is the doll stand made out of GOLD or something? I got some Pullip T1 flashbacks....

[Image: 5YZr3xQ.jpg]

This is all you get in the box. The doll, her stock, her squares hair clips, and her headset.

[Image: aD7xcAo.jpg]

Contrary to the original Pullip Miku, her squareclips have a comb that can rotate loosely in any directions and those will stuck solidly in her twintails instead of just resting there like the original.

[Image: Xu12Y9D.jpg]

Out of the box, her hair is a bit messy and frizzy. Not good. But with a bit of basic combing, I made her presentable.

[Image: uFWktJY.jpg]

The twintails are secured with a solid hairband.

[Image: 8JPaChT.jpg]

Once you remove the twintails baggies, they are absolutely PERFECT and sleek, unlike her poor bangs.

[Image: kmEtruK.jpg]

Now I made a mistake her. I removed the twintails protection plastics before putting on her squareclips. DON'T DO THAT. Put the squareclips BEFORE removing the twintail's protective baggies. This will make it much easier.

Also, the headset is bendable. However, it's a pretty loose fit and barely reach the doll's ears. The slightest touch will make that headset flying off.

[Image: WzQ3sOK.jpg]

She can balance herself by resting against the box, but it's not perfect. Once again, WHY NO STAND?

Her boots are actually a socks and shoes combo. Like those cheap low budget Hatsune Miku cosplays that you commonly see at conventions or on the web. But due to the "younger nature" of this Miku, it work very well.

[Image: plUcYY6.jpg]

This weeb is glad to point out that Yeolume Miku have STRIPED PANTSU as favorited by the fandom. Here, they are more like shorts than anything. With adorable frills. I can also see that her hip joints are of the basic classic "Barbie" type.

[Image: MojtfF6.jpg]

Her skirt and dress are made in pleather. if that pleather is the same kind as the OG Mikus, it will last for years and years without rotting away.

[Image: EKlNM3r.jpg]

Her iconic 01 is on her left arm, but there's not "Hatsune Miku" written in microscopic characters under. No biggie.

[Image: NYmNlxg.jpg]

Her face is absolutely stunning. Not just the face-up, but the mold itself. Yeolume Miku really look like a younger version of Pullip Miku.

[Image: nkQtCJh.jpg]
[Image: RdLjE3E.jpg]

Her eyes are hypnotic. Not only the eyechips are incredible, but they added paint details OVER the glass outer layer of the eyes. Making a very deep and forward layers effect. Absolutely captivating.

[Image: u2HZE5p.jpg]

Yeolume seem to have a very limited posability. Her arms can only rotate up and down. No outward movements, no wrist, no elbow. I'm not daring bending anything.

As for her legs, she have "Barbie" hip joints that can only go forward and back. No spread. Those legs are also made out of hard rubber, similar to bendable figurines. Meaning that Yeolume Miku have "Gumby" knees. I kinda like it and I kinda not.

[Image: oue5y7I.jpg]

Compared to Dal Kagamine Rin and the original Pullip Hatsune Miku, Yeolume Miku is very small. Smaller than Dal despite having stolen a spare Pullip stand one Pullip Carol was using. I really love how big her squareclips are compared to the Pullip Miku original.

[Image: 7m5LtWj.jpg]

I really prefer Yeolume Miku's stock over the original Pullip Miku. Lighter colored, better hairclips, and her socks-n-shoes combo are simply adorable.

[Image: q1J9N8E.jpg]

Overall, well worth adding to my collection.

Now, fingers crossed for Groove to make an Isul Kagamine Len.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Thank you for sharing! Great photos. I though she looked a little angry in the box , but afterwards when you took her out she was happier.
Great photo pf your pullip family too!
But that's just the "casual romantic" section.
There's the "old generation" shelf and my Freak Circus too!

Also, despite her flaws, I'm very happy with Yeolume Miku. smile
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Aw, yours is so sweet! yay. I just got mine 3 days ago... I ordered 2 so I could customize one. I'm glad to see yours is just as good as my good one! (The one has blush that isn't placed as prettily so she just seems more flat and blah.)

I haven't deboxed mine yet - cool to see her hairclips seem more prominent and functional!

I was surprised mine didn't have stands, too. (Luckily, I had ordered some extra. Well, they were extra until Yeolume Miku didn't come with stands! LOL.) I guess it makes sense - technically, Yeolume isn't JPGroove Pullip. Yeolume is apparently an Ars Gratia Artis (AGA) thing... I won't pretend to know the details. This Miku was released in collaboration with the Groove site, but I heard that their future unicorn girl would only be available on the Japanese website.

Anyway - she looks super cute with your other Vocaloid girls! :3 Heart.
FYI: I've seen my username used on various social media, but if the little asterisks are absent, it's definitely not me! x3
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]
Follow my Flickr! yay.

What an amazingly thorough unboxing documentation! Very informative and entertaining.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Hey thanks! I'm happy I'm not the only one on this site that got a Yeolume Miku!

I really love how she turned out. Well worth the money.
And if she sell well, maybe more special Yeolumes will be made?
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
She is super cute.  That is not right not to have a stand come with the doll.

Her "hypnotic eyes" did something to me though!

In your group photo, I like how the two are above a step and keeping a watchful eye on the rest of them.

Who is that little blonde doll second to last in your "line up"? (looks like pink outfit, pink striped socks and black shoes)
(06-14-2020, 11:50 AM)ladywindsor Wrote: Who is that little blonde doll second to last in your "line up"? (looks like pink outfit, pink striped socks and black shoes)

It's a custom Dal Charlotte. She became the OPPAI PRINCESS!
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
WOW!  That is some transformation of Charlotte!  I love her new look!

Thanks for posting the link to the thread featuring her makeover!!!

It is nice to see little Miku has so many new friends!
I always thought I reacted to this... sorry for the super-late response! I'm happy to hear Miku arrived so fast, and you love her! I remember how excited you were about her ^^

Yeolumes not coming with a stand is such a bummer... I can't imagine it would cost too much to include on... how on Earth do they think you will be able to display such a top-heavy doll  (if you don't want them lounging in a chair)? That's just lame, and even more so considering their price point. The messy OOB hair sounds disappointing and lame too...

Speaking of hair, the in-box pictures make Miku's hair seem like it's shoulder-length, and it suits her pretty well. Now I have the urge  to try how my Pullip Mikus would look in short wigs - too bad  the only short (loose) wig I own is pink Innocent 

I agree with your outfit preference,  those cute little frills on Yeolume's top are an improvement to the Pullip doll's stock. And the Black shoes (they look somewhat like Mary Janes) offer more redressing options.

I'm pretty sure part of my lack of interest in this version of Miku had to do with her eyes - and your pictures seem to have confirmed this. For some reason, I find her eyes somewhat unsettling... it's the middle part. Hypnotic is a good word for it, but unfortunately I don't think of this the sam   positive way as you do. It looks weird (and also like it was meant to light up). I'd be really interested to see how she'd look rechipped. *NatTheCat*,do share pics if you ever customise yours, I'd love to see smile

The comparison photo really shocked me - accompanied by Yeolume Miku, Pullip Miku suddenly looks so strangely different! I had to turn around to look at the shelf where mine live to confirm if that's really how they look like XD
(07-04-2020, 03:27 AM)Loona Wrote: The comparison photo really shocked me - accompanied by Yeolume Miku, Pullip Miku suddenly looks so strangely different! I had to turn around to look at the shelf where mine live to confirm if that's really how they look like XD

Strangely enough, I think Yeolume Miku look more like the "real" Hatsune Miku than Pullip Miku. As if Pullip Miku was just a convention cosplayer trying her best and nothing more. Maybe it's the brighter colors and the bigger squareclips that are better for a big-headed doll.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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