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Full Version: Feedback For Ambitiouslove
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+1! She custom made a complete set of clothes for my Taeyang (coat, tie and hat), and they are AMAZING! Kept in constant contact, and shipped quickly. Thank you SO much!
+1 as an excellent buyer- fantastic as always <3 :kissy:
+1 positive! Trade went perfectly, and the clothes are more than amazing! Totally will commission more clothes later on when I have more money XD

Thanks again! <3
+2 for 2 awesome bait dolls :]
got her really quickly and I am really happy with them both :] :pbjtime:

Lisa's an awesome seller :]
The transaction was perfect!
+2: 1 for trading, 1 for buying. Thanks :kissy: !
+1 as a seller for Cavalie's stock. thanks again

smile <3

Sold my Celsiy to Lisa & she paid super quickly :3


Another great transaction with Lisa ^___^
I bought a Pullip head from her and it arrived super quickly and in great packaging!
+1 for being a wonderful buyer and giving my nina a lovely new home ^^! Great communication, fast payment, an overall smooth and pleasant transaction! ^___^
+1 as a seller. I got a wig from her and it was shipped fast, packaged really well, and in perfect shape.
+1 for splitting William. Stock arrived perfectly packaged as always! thank you! :kissy:

smile Thank you so much for the Pullip body!
+1 as a seller. Great communication and the shipping on the wig I bought was fast too! Thanks so much! ^^
+1 positive feedback, thank you for being an awesome buyer!! :pbjtime:
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