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Full Version: Radiant's Feedback
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+1 as a seller.
So friendly, great communication, a smooth transaction.
+1 as a great seller- very quick shipment and wonderful to work with!
+1 buyer! Thanks so much, and enjoy the stands! <img src=" />
+1 from me for purchasing headbands! Excellent person to do business with! Thanks again~
big big +1~ ^__^
Radiant is such a wonderful seller - she sold me her lovely taeyang and I love him to bits =] He was packed super-securely and carefully - couldn't have asked for a better transaction smile


+1 Great Buyer, easy to deal with smile
+1 for quick payment & friendliness grin Thanks!
+1 from me! Thanks so much!
Fantastic seller. I bought Alte's wig from her. The wig arrived in wonderful condition and it looks fabulous on my girl. Thank you!
+1 as a buyer
Very nice and friendly!
Thanks so much for buying one of my dresses! <3
+1 as a buyer again!
I did a clothing commission for her and it was a pleasure to work for her. <3
Updated! (21)
+1 as a seller - a pleaser to talk to and very easy to work with!
+1 for a wonderful seller, she sold me part of my melody stock and it arrived perfect and I was very pleased with the whole thing <3
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