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Full Version: Radiant's Feedback
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sorry for the late feedback ^^;

Radiant wasa great buyer ~ very communicative and friendly, would wlove to do business with you again dear!
+1 positive
Bought My Melody shoes and plush! Great Sale!
+1 as a buyer. Friendly, quick communication and payment. Thanks <3
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+1 as a seller! Radiant sold me her precious Haute who was packed very well and shipped quickly. Thanks also for the extra outfits, I promise to take very good care of your girl! grin
+1 for a great buyer, it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, as well as letting me know when the doll arrived. I'd be glad to do business with her again!
+1 for a trade gone perfectly :3

She sent her end quickly and she is a pleasure to deal with :3
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+1 super buyer- very sweet. Sorry I misunderstood about your payment! <img src=" /> Very prompt pay, and friendly communication, would love to do business again sometime! <3 <img src=" />
+1 Good buyer!
+1 thanks a bunch !
+1 for a great trade. =) Radiant wanted a hat and I got some groovy shades for Phlimey. smile Quick shipping, nice to talk with, would B/T with her again! Many thanks!!
+1 for a splitsmile Great communication and I received Stica's stock quickly. thank you!!
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