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Full Version: Radiant's Feedback
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+1 for sending her payment quickly for the FMD GO!
+1 I got my Leekeworld wig order. Thanks smile
+1 for organizing the Leekeworld GO.
Thanks again!Happy
+1 for the Leekeworld GO. Thanks!
Updated! (38)
+0 for a good transaction gone on too long. (She told me I could leave negative, but I don't feel it's a bad transaction, just not a good one.)

Here's the quick story: she listed an Alte at make your offer price, I offered a price (I believe $65 shipped). She said she would have her shipped out probably Monday or Wednesday. Wednesday came around and she said "I went to ship but I realized I forgot to ask for your shipping address, sorry!" Which is totally understandable, I should have double-checked myself, but I was too excited to finally find a secondhand Alte at a good price to realize. So she said she'd make a special trip tomorrow after I mailed her the address.

A week or so goes by and there's no sign of the doll so I PM'd her. I didn't get a response quickly so I ended up posting an FAO. (Turns out Radiant had accidentally saved the timely PM response as a draft rather than mailing it.) She said that the doll had been returned to her in the mail but she had thought it was another package so she had delayed going to pick it up. She had it in her hands at the time of the PM and would be posting it again soon.

And then a few weeks went by... I PM'd her occasionally to find out what was up. She sent me a partial refund of $15 for the wait because she felt bad. As it ends up, the doll I paid for on the 18th of April got mailed around the 1st of June and I received her on the 4th. That said, the doll was extremely well-packaged and as described in the sales post. The shipping, once she actually got re-shipped, was very fast and quite worth it.

The only problem here was the long delay with minimal communication; however, I feel like this is unlikely to happen again. I would certainly not hesitate to buy from Radiant again nor to recommend buying from her. smile
+1 as a seller. I have to be honest and say I became very concerned because I did not have communication from her for almost 2 weeks, but to Radiant's defense she said she was having computer problems. Once she was able to contact me she shipped the dolls out quickly and well packaged. Overall I was worried at first but it turned out to be a great transaction.
+1 as a seller!
I purchased some dolly clothes from Radiant recently. Communication was great--it took a while for the clothes to be shipped, but Radiant was very clear about that fact and even upgraded my shipping to Priority (and added some extras!) to make up for the time delay.
VERY nice transaction--thanks so much!
+1 positive.

Great seller! Doll was exactly as described, well-packaged, and came with extra surprises. smile Thank you very much!
-1 as a seller, I bought a nude Kirsche from her and it was not received after waiting two weeks and a half and living in the same state. After numerous Pms and emails and getting no response of shipment I filed a dispute and got my money back via pp. I wish the transaction would have worked out as it appeared she had several positive feedback. I wish her the best and I hope all is well with you. I'm sorry it didn't work out. sad
-1 as a seller

Purchased Latte's stock from Radiant and after saying it would ship in 2-3 days, I never heard anything further from Radiant, nor did I receive the stock. No response from Radiant to PM's and emails, so I filed a dispute with PayPal and got my money refunded.
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