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Full Version: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback
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+1 for the Luts GO. Twinkle_eyed always runs flawless GOs, thank you ^^
+1 as a seller for her Aya wig. WOW! Amazingly well-packaged and really fast shipping! thank you!
+1 for the Luts GO grin My wigs arrived quickly and I even got a few freebies! That's how awesome this girl is XD

Huge thanks for organising another awesome GO -- you're the best! <3
+1 for the Luts GO. Thanks a million for organazing the go, and for lovely gift. *-*
+1 from me as a buyer! Fast payment, great communication! Overall just a perfect transaction, thanks!
+1 for running the Leeke Spring Event GO!

I'm always on the lookout for twinkle_eyed's GOs because they are the very best. Always smoothly run, snag free and she keeps us very well informed. Thank you so much for everything! Twinkle_eyed's GOs are highly recommended!

+3 for running the nDoll, Luts, and Leeke GO's. Thanks so much for running them, it's a pleasure working with you.
+1 for the Leeke GO smile

Thanks for another amazing GO!!
+1 for another fantastic Leeke GO! grin
Thanks so much again for organizing this! Heart
+1 for great leeke go. thank you!
+1 for a group order

I got 4 wigs from Luts GO. She's so friendly and accurate, a great management in the group orders!
+1 for running the 9th Leeke World GO. Runs the best GO's, everything goes very smoothly with great communication. Always a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much!
+1 for Leeke GO. Thanks!
+1 for another awesome group order!

Thanks so much for running it smile
Yet another fantastic GO run by MB!!! I love joining her GO's!
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