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Full Version: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback
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I like you. I know that this doesn't count, but +2 for coolness.
+1 for another GO! Thanks again for being so awesome! ^___^
+1 for an awesome GO organizer! grin
+1 for an excellent Leeke group order!
+1 for the Leeke GO! Such a sweetie with excellent shipping & the best (unnecessary!!!!) goodies! grin
+1 for running another Leeke GO. Thanks so much for putting another one together, it's been a pleasure. The wig looks great on my girl.
+1 for organizing the Leekeworld GO! Thank you so much again for putting everything together, it's a pleasure working with you. smile
I'm really happy with the wigs I ordered. <3
+2 for organizing the nDoll and Leeke GOs~

I had ordered from the nDoll GO and she offered to keep the wigs until the Leeke wigs arrived so that they could be shipped together to save on shipping. I've never seen anything so meticulously packaged before! Definitely a sweetheart to work with, and would most definitely love to join another GO with again. Thanks so much~! <33
+1 for Leekeworld go! She's amazing it always goes smoothly smile
+1 for the Leekeworld GO. as always, a pleasure to work with!
+1 for 6th nDoll GO; a pleasure to deal with, fast shipping, and cute little goodies smile
+1 for running another ndoll GO. She's a wonderful GO organizer and things always run so smoothly. Thanks again for doing this.
+1 for being a fantastic GO organizer! Thanks so much! smile
+1 for the Luts Go grin

It went amazing and my Stella loves her new stuff ^^
+1 for another perfect GO!
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