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Full Version: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback
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+1 for running a great group order for LeekeWorld, thank you!
+2 from me!

Thanks so much for being super-organized and on top of things. I've never participated in a GO before, but you made everything so easy in the Leeke World GO! You were quick to answer all my thread comments and my PMs, and shipped lightning fast, too.

Also, I purchased Filato's stock wig and it's here already. When I get my boy's head back, he'll have a new hairstyle to go along with his new face-up. Thanks again! yay
+1 for a wonderful GO organizer. Got my wigs super fast! Wonderful to work with! <3
+1 for being a fantastic GO organizer! Thanks so much. <3
+2 as a wonderful seller/GO organizer. Organized, friendly, super fast, and good communication... And the little extra goodies were a nice surprise, too!
+1 as a participant in the Dollmore GO. Thanks so much for being a part of it.
+1 Another wonderful transaction with twinkle_eyed! Thanks so much! <3
+1 as a seller, bought a wonderful wig from her, she is awesome, and super sweet on top of everything! thank you so much!
She's an absolute #1 seller, very quick and reasonable and she's a really incredibly nice person overall!! Thanks bunches!!
+4 seller thank you so much love everything!
+2! Best buyer ever!! XOXO
+1 for another successful GO! Got my wigs so fast and I love them to bits. Thanks much! smile
+1 for putting together the Leekworld go! I love my wig so much! thank you!!!
+2 for 2 wigs from the Leekeworld group order. Her group orders have been extremely organized and everything moves very quickly! Plus she's very sweet and easy to deal with!
(Thanks so much! Almost all my dolls finally have wigs again thanks to all your group orders!)
+1 for an excellent Leekeworld GO!!!!!!!! grin
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