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Full Version: ByronicHeroine's Feedback
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Please leave your feedback for me here. Also, feel free to check out my feedback over on craftster.

+1 for a super trading partner! A real joy to work with! smile
+1 as a buyer. Thanks so much ♥
+1 as a buyer!

She purchased some clothing items from me, and the transaction was absolutely flawless. Recommended!
+1 as a seller

She was great to work with and very responsive. Highly recommend!
+1 as a buyer! Quick payment and responses! Thanks!
+1 as a buyer. She was super easy to work with. Thanks!
+1 as a buyer , very sweet person to deal with yay !
+1 positive as a buyer

She bought some items from me and was great to deal with in every way, thank you so much! smile
+1 as a buyer

She bought Sebastian from me and the whole transaction went very smoothly. Communication was pleasant and very friendly, payment was made promptly, she even let me know of the arrival of the doll. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with ByronicHeroine again. =)
+1 as a seller

Great transaction and friendly seller! Thank you! Happy
+1 for a great transaction.

I was commissioned by ByronicHeroine to put together some eyes. She did everything as outlined in my commissions thread, and it all went smoothly. I would definitely work with her again!

Thanks so much for supporting the custom eyechips.

+1 as a Go participant, very patient- she paid promptly and communication was excellent. Would not hesitate to do business with again.
+1 for the sticker swap!

ByronicHeroine was my sending partner--she's so thoughtful, she knew that I was wishing I could have gone to PUDDLE so she sent me some awesome PUDDLE things (like a Vanie-illustrated gift bag for example) as well as some cute cute cute stickers and gift envelopes. I'm so happy--this really helped brighten my day. <3
+1 as a stellar buyer!

I had another lovely transaction with Christa...she purchased doll clothing from me, paid immediately, let me know once it arrived, and left feedback for me. She's a total doll and fun to PM with, and I highly recommend!

smile Thank you so much!
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