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Full Version: Chicago Tea Party - added photos!
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Edit: the date has been set, November 17 downtown Chicago.

I know it's a ways off, but I wanted to get this started anyway. Anyone want to meet for a doll tea party in Chicago in late November or December?

Vote for any days you can definitely make it, and please post if you have ideas on where to go.

I only posted Saturdays, but I could take a day off and meet on a weekday too - anyone interested in that option?

I enjoyed Russian Tea Time, and it is very convenient to the train station, but I'm open to other locations.
I love Russian Tea Time and I miss Chicago!!

I accidentally voted for Dec. 8 but I have drill that day... just THAT day though.
id be up for another Chicago Tea Time meet yay and im free any day
I can make all three days as far as I know. I'd love to go back to Russian Tea Time! I felt the snacks were delicious and it made a nice little meal!
I'm also free any day, and would love to see everyone.
So, it looks like November 17 is the likely day, as someone did not vote for November 24 and sceimhiuil can't come on December 8. Anyone else want to chime in?
That should be a good day! smile
November 17th would work for me. I'm busy on the 24th.
FYI, I went ahead and purchased my train ticket as the fare goes up rapidly as a date approaches. So I will be there for sure!
Is it too early to ask what time?
My train will arrive around 11 am.
We can maybe make a reservation (if they do reservations?) for around 11:30.
Afternoon tea is from 2:30-4:30. Reservations are recommended whichever time we go.
If we go to Afternoon tea then, what are your plans from 11-2:30? If a few of us get to Union Station(?) around 11, did we want to get lunch and then take a cab to tea? I'm a simple, rural girl, I'm not sure how any of this works. heh we don't even have cabs where I'm from.
i just got Froggy!!! - i know who im bringing to tea ^^
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