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This was Severity's idea; she suggested a dolls & cats thread, but I guess the cat people can be magnanimous and allow other critters too ...
And any dolls, so I put it under "other".
I don't have a lot of good pix of dolls & kitty, but will start off... c'mon everybody; let's see your 'family' smile

[Image: 13479442744_f89bbf082e_o.jpg]

[Image: 13949220910_ccc0afd178_o.jpg]

[Image: 13949198359_174112bca0_o.jpg]

[Image: 14136177324_a89d643bf9_o.jpg]

Edit to add a new one:

[Image: 14119029786_e8581c600c_o.jpg]
Aaw, cute :3. But I think I will pass.. My dollies would not like to be submerged in the Guppy fish tank they say....
These are the only ones I have on my Flickr and two are quite old. I'll dig out more from my folders and post them soon though. My cat LOVES laying on dolls or their stuff when its packed (bubble wrap and plastic bag addict). Hence when I sell things, I wash them beforehand and my dolls are in glass-door cabinets, otherwise she would probably sleep on them and eat all rubbery shoes.

Mentioned bubble wrap, this was when I was changing their clothes.
[Image: 6984931573_94690d3a73_z.jpg]

[Image: 8483518581_df2acc28e9_z.jpg]

[Image: 13223655723_8787a6bfa6_z.jpg]

edit to add more:
Checking which ones to eat...
[Image: 13969518398_602cc59071_z.jpg]

I found out that she is SD-1/3 sized, fits perfectly into a dolly box.
[Image: 13969489969_a37965042d_z.jpg]

She also loves a blanket that KiraKira made for one of my dolls. You can only see Niao's shoe there.
[Image: 14176219603_f074058978_z.jpg]

Checking them again.
[Image: 14176219673_1ec27bb8fb_z.jpg]

Nap in the middle of photoshoot? why not.
[Image: 13969482417_a6ac1d46c6_z.jpg]

Sleeping on/with dolls again.
[Image: 14152816271_86d59b874f_z.jpg]
Aaahhh, so cute!! Heart 2
I could never get my kitty to pose with a doll leaning on her. And she really looks interested, whatever she's looking up the shelf at.

(05-11-2014, 05:53 AM)Buzzingbumblebee Wrote: [ -> ]My dollies would not like to be submerged in the Guppy fish tank they say....

Really? They don't like swimming?? Haha. But I'm sure they could pose around the tank... ;P
I have so many of my cats photo bombing my photo attempts!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Buzz excited for lots of MH dolls!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spectra WAS guarding my Halloween candy, but Athena knocked her down and took her place!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Athena investigates the Rochelles...

I have more on my iPad, I'll have to post again! Buzz loves when I order from Pullip Style because the outer box is the -perfect- size for him to sleep in and do whatever cats do in boxes in. He's too chubby to play in most of the boxes I get. grin also a new doll means LOTS of twist ties, which are a favored kitty toy!
I have only one smile Ooh lots of cats around y'all!

randomness. outfit's not her style. but still cute.
[Image: 9875836276_cf2ab58689.jpg]

This is my only doll photo with a pet in it, Mouser was very interested in my outdoor photoshoot! :p
Martah, your kitty is such an adorable fluffy baby!
Thank you! I love her to bits. smile
My cat won't say still long enough to even take a photo. Lol your cats are supper cute guys!
[Image: 12310496733_04b1a5365c.jpg]
Hello? by addiebabe (*˘︶˘*), on Flickr

The cat and the dog have pretty much learnt to ignore any dolls I bring downstairs with me, however the fish still get excited when the dolls pose in front of their tank!!

[Image: 11310993745_afecf9cc70.jpg]
Meanwhile at the aquarium... by addiebabe (*˘︶˘*), on Flickr
[Image: 14051938442_5a498eba66_c.jpg]
NJ "Ssssh what is it?" Ceci "I don't know but it's snoring..." by addiebabe (*˘︶˘*), on Flickr
Panzi Usami doesn't seem to like cats very much..

my Girl (Mikuru Asahina) and my Guinea Piggie (Cynthia)

[Image: CynthiaampMikuruhearts3_zps7b614dc2.jpg]

[Image: CynthiaampMikuruhearts5_zpsaa93e6f6.jpg]

[Image: DSC_4964.jpg]

[Image: DSC_8247_zpseed5e657.jpg]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Buzz kitty & Alanna grin
What fun seeing everybody's pets smile

[Image: 14055116379_e6fbea2266_o.jpg]
Today's choices were kitty looking away from camera, or kitty sticking tongue out.
Some neighbour started up a weed whacker right after this so she decided she'd better go in.
Some days she's directable, some days, not so much!
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