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Full Version: **dargosmydaddy's doll-a-week 2021**
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Yay! Another year of dolls.

At first I was planning a picture with Yuri-the-Isul, because he was in picture #1 the past two years, but maybe it's time to switch things up. So 2021's first model gets to be currently nameless Suigintou... I picked her up as a bald, bodyless head last January, and she spent all of 2020 in my project box... I finally got her a wig a few months back, but cheap Pullip bodies have been hard to come by. Last night I caved and put her on my spare body (which is missing half a left arm, plus a right hand). I think she's pretty cute, even if I do still need to find her an intact body (and a name).

[Image: 79619079_c7c6048ec3f42b03e10ac55f4d7f9e62_standard.jpg]
Aw, she is really cute. Looks like a cool wig with the colour streaks. I like her shirt too.
Yeah, bodies are almost as hard to come by as hands. What about a MTM Barbie -- or is she too pale?
And, YAYY!! for another year of ADAW grin
She’s a real cutie. Good one to start the year off.
YAY for another year of A Doll A Week!

And YAY for putting together this gorgeous creature starting with just a hairless head! I would think she is pretty enough and has enough personality to warrant springing for an intact body, whether Pullip or Obitsu, so she can join in the regular line-up!

New rescue doll; fantastic way to launch ADAW!
Nice rescue girl - I like the two-tone wig.

And yay for continuing on for 2021!!
She looks lovely, I always liked Suigintou's eyes (and they go so well with the background), and that highlighted wig is a wonderful choice for her. She seems to appreciate having a body at last, even if incomplete smile I hope you'll soon be able to find her an intact one.
Week Two

Bought this wig with the one featured last week, but it didn't suit its intended recipient (who's still bald...), so I gave it a try on Charlotte. I've had Charlotte awhile (and in fact she was the original owner of the one-armed body; I bought her that way, but managed to find her a replacement pretty quickly), but was never pleased with my revamp of her (you can see my original look for her here: ). So I decided to give her a try with the new wig, and then switched out her chips as well, and I really like the result!

[Image: 79903026_d5f9de941e67658a31b84cab0be9c0d5_standard.jpg]
Char’s outfit is adorably cute, and I like the way the color of her trousers correlates with the color of her eyes. The hair style looks very natural on her.

Week Two... YAY! Way to keep things rolling!
She looks completely different! The wig and eyechips are a nice combination.
...which model is this again...?
She's Alice du Jardin Pink... originally I thought I should keep the pink hair theme (hence the previous wig choice), but I really like her as a blonde!
Not sure what her original eyechips were, but the new ones look great for her.
I liked her previous look (but I don't think I could ever *not* like pink wigs Tongue ), she looked like a cute pink bunny - but she clearly seems more comfortable in this current wig and look. The new wig also shows off her lovely eyebrows, and not only that - but it's even a nice match for them, like it was meant for her. I'm happy to hear you found both a new owner for a wig that didn't work for its original purpose, and a new look for Charlotte that you are happy with!
Week Three
I took a bunch of dolly pictures yesterday, but Florence gets to be the model of the week because hers came out the best.

[Image: 80203542_d8cf20d3f3a65137709a8a4d5553f6fe_standard.jpg]
This one looks like a fashion magazine cover. Very stylish!
Agree about the fashion model look. Tres chic!
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