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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2023~
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Figured I'd better jump in on day one before I could talk myself out of it...

Week one!
[Image: 114650427_d8b7882bf0bc80ba10a886e1ad6f525d_large.jpg]
Okay, she's totally gorgeous! What a fantastic start to another year of... it's gonna be A Doll A Day this year, right?  LOL

Oh, wait... your title says "A Week." Well... just wait 'til you get warmed up!

Glad to see you tackling another "A Doll A..." project!

I can totally relate to the "before I could talk myself out of it." I've been having that internal dialogue for a while now.   Sweatdrop

Is this a stock hair and eyes, or is she a custom?
Quote:Is this a stock hair and eyes, or is she a custom?

The eyes are stock, but not the wig.
Glad you will be doing ADAW again grin
She has lovely colour coordination -- as is usual with your crew -- and that's a neat wig!
Week two
Took this last Sunday, and then my batteries died and I was too lazy to change them. Finally did that today, and discovered all the pictures were extremely glare-y/ overexposed, so making it black and white made it slightly more interesting to look at. Anyhow, here are Henri and Harper, who were my very first Dals.

[Image: 115289429_d7d223adee52bb791acd74c5a5f93719_large.jpg]

Week three
Roxy in a tree

[Image: 115289440_d651e0f361fa6f6050d6936bcf1edefe_large.jpg]
Ha! love the Farscape shirt. Is that one you made?
I just love Roxy's faceup. She's so cute.
The evergreen branches make this photo look warm and not-wintery.

If you are using AAs, I can recommend rechargeable Eneloops, especially if you have a battery-eating camera. Ex$pensive but you won't have to keep buying batteries.
Roxy is cuuute! She reminds me of Cindy-Lou Who from the Dr. Seuss story, with her blonde hair that curls at the tips and those big eyes!

Yeah, I'm all too familiar with the "convert to B&W to save a bad ex-posure" technique!

And with the can't-be-bothered-to-change-the-batteries malaise.
Week four
Shadows. Wind. No snow... yet...
[Image: 115427063_1989548fa3be625d07917c215730b858_large.jpg]
Wind... as evidenced by his wild hair! I like that look!
A little bit of winter sun is always a treat.
Week five
Not a very inspired photo, but here we are...
[Image: 115921654_5b065bcbe0ae02dfe43e9b719b6a2e25_large.jpg]
She’s so pretty. The black hair, pale skin, and gray eyes are very striking.
I really like her cute little jacket and top.
The lovely eyes are sufficiently engaging that additional "action" is not required for this image to make an impact.
Week six
No longer frigidly cold, so we ventured outside...
[Image: 116261645_5fecf284a3360d2db1a5fe3b92a1bed4_large.jpg]
Ahhh, no snow in sight! She is also really pretty, and what a cute shirt.
I like her hopeful ex-pression.
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