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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week 2023! (#52 Dec. 22)
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Here we are again.  I'm all out of shiny rosy philosophical thoughts to start a new year. 
Just, may we all keep going when things are hard, may we end up where we want to be, and may we find things that feed our souls along our journey.

The river flows... 
time flows... 
...we can sit and watch it go by or we can set off to follow it and see where it goes... 
Maybe it will be somewhere good.
When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

[Image: 52610328410_4a20c3bfc6_o.jpg]
Wellllll... you still have some 'philosophical thoughts' to share; even if they are not entirely optimistically rosy, they are a little bit inspirational. I like the part about setting off to follow it and see where it goes as opposed to sitting idly by.

And the photo is mysterious and intriguing, suggesting the start of a grand adventure in to the unknown.

But with some really slippery rocks, so watch your step!
We certainly did have some adventures in the unknown -- including a lot of random middle-of-nowhere roads!
At least some of the 'mysterious' atmosphere was due to the fact that it was raining.

Disappointingly back on the cold Fundy side now though... who'd've thought just one climate zone difference would be that different.

[Image: 52623987406_f43219d4a7_o.jpg]
Point Prim, Nova Scotia.
Prim Point looks spectacularly unspoiled!

And that hair! Oh, that windblown hair! That, too, looks spectacular!

I bet the "cold Fundy side" looks even more spectacular, even if the temperature is not as clement.
Wow, that is some picturesque scenery!
It's hard to turn away a dolly in need of a home, especially if she's a mini.
Please welcome our new crew member -- Jewel grin

[Image: 52641571823_56a02c4e2d_o.jpg]
Somebody new has adopted you?

Seeing as how she is already demonstrating an affinity for flowers and plants, she will be a fine addition to your colorful crew!
So much purple! Gorgeous!
Thank you both smile

Posting 2 pix in 2 days, especially one that requires so much time to set up, illustrates how I would NOT be able to do one a day All Year!!  LOL

Our Hawaii-loving crew has been enjoying the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational today, and wondering where they might find their own party wave.

[Image: 52643729505_daf898d108_o.jpg]
Don't know about the waves, but it looks like they've found the party!

And a couple of the optimists brought their boards, just in case!

Thanks for the tip about the "Eddie." I caught the last heat streaming live and then watched the recaps. Looks like it was a fantastic day out there, weather-wise!
(01-23-2023, 11:25 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]Don't know about the waves, but it looks like they've found the party!
PTFCo parties are da best!!  LOL

A bonus pic this week:

[Image: 52655702315_3403c5f4c4_o.jpg]
Ten years ago today, I sat in my car at the beach after picking up the mail, and opened a box.  ......  "Oh, you're so CUTE!!"
I never ex!pected to be a doll collector or photographer.  What fun it's been.
Celebrating the wee mini who started it all.
Happy Ten Year Dollyversary!

Sunsette joined you at the beach! Hence her love of the sea!

And she joined you in mid-winter! Hence her occasionally wild and unpredictable fearlessness!

Congratulations on "sticking with it" for a decade!
Aw, happy (belated) birthday, Sunsette!
Thank you both  yay

(01-30-2023, 10:06 AM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]And she joined you in mid-winter! Hence her occasionally wild and unpredictable fearlessness!
Or the fact that we'd both like to escape the cold?!

...speaking of which....  Not the photo I ex-pected to be taking this week, cos this kind of cold rarely happens here, but... it's -24 and the wind chill is supposedly like -40 or something ridiculous.  Going to break a temperature record tonight.  There is frost actual ICE in the windows which I don't think has ever happened, cold air is pouring into this amateur-built house, and my front door lock is literally frozen shut.

Bleccccchhhhhh!  Cry

[Image: 52667326537_45812e4df9_c.jpg]
Insanely cold temperatures?
Rural wind chill?
Amateur-built house?
Ice inside the windows?

Welcome to My Winter Life in Utah!

Southern Utah is ex-periencing a particularly cold winter this season, and the snowpack is at 200% of average.

But… that’s right! I’m not there this winter!

There’s a lot to be said for a house with a solid roof and decent windows… and it’s all good!

Unfortunately, I gotta head back in less than six weeks.

Even more unfortunately, you’re kinda stuck there for now, ain’t’cha?
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