I think i would pay it if i had it lol im tempted to sell off my other collection to get her hehe
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Hello guys. I've been off the doll world for a while now, and as the ladies have just stood pretty on the shelf, I have decided to let some of them go to better homes where they'd be loved more. Now, I'd like to humbly ask your guidance on how to price a deboxed mint condition Kirakishou, with all her stuff included. I've never even undressed her and she truly has just stood and looked adorable on my shelf. So, what do you think?
Thanks smile
(09-28-2010, 07:35 PM)NectarineFire Wrote: A Kirakishou that I recently helped someone acquire was actually $650. She was MIB but with cracked wrists and her hair had been removed from the plastic tubes.

Hope that helps!
I'm just curious. I see that the last post here was three years ago and now we've had the new Kirakishou release. How much would the first limited edition Kirakishou be worth now given the new release? Do you guys think the price will be affected? Or will there be people who will still jump on a $500 Kira?
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I know one just sold MIB on facebook for 1250 Euros. I have seen it between $1100-$1500 US dollars on Ebay though, so I wouldn't go with euro pricing if you could avoid it.
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Oh good god... that's even more pricey then Leprotto! Thanks Kyubi!
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