Different kinds of regret
[Image: 7726845274_8dc81046a9_z.jpg]
The day you slipped away... by Aienhime, on Flickr

[Image: 7719045442_bb83cc6353_z.jpg]
The hardest part... by Aienhime, on Flickr

[Image: 7719028794_16d7dd0402_z.jpg]
When you're gone... by Aienhime, on Flickr


[Image: 7720001950_1ee506b006_z.jpg]
City full of memories... by Aienhime, on Flickr
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Ah beautiful, I love the second to last one <3

Wow! Those are gorgeous, you're such a talented photographer!
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These photos are all really interesting and beautiful! I love that first photo--it really conveys the feeling of regret. (All of the photos do, actually).

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Lovely photos! My favourite's the second, I think the composition just works really well and draws the eye around. Plus the colours are great, though I can say the same about all of these!
I thought your photos were lovely individually on Flickr but now seeing them here as a group really gives them more impact. Very nice work!
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wow very nice
Beautiful pictures Special 2
A lot of thought went into your photos. They are very nice.
I like the note with the keys, although that is pretty devastating.

Hope your doll gets over the heartbreak!
No doll should suffer like that.

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