Neon’s A Doll A Day… Again (2020)
(12-31-2020, 02:34 AM)davidd Wrote: I saw the “365” and thought “Wait! Did I mis-count? Are we DONE?”

Then I remembered.

This is truly the year that keep on giving, huh?

Yeah... But not for much longer. Not that I ex³pect 2021 to be any better...

(12-31-2020, 07:56 AM)Elfy Wrote: Fitting that Her Insane Majesty should close it out. I know there’s one more day, because Leap Year, but I figure you and she work on Oddwickshire time and in my head they don’t do Leap Years.

I keep Oddwickshire on the same calendar as this dimension purely for my personal convenience, but I think that the kingdom would follow some sort of lunar calendar.

I thought Her Insanely Majestic Madness always closes up the challenge, but she ex³plained to me that she's always in the final photo and always in the Day 365 photo, and the two just don't happen to take place on the same day this year, so that's two photos of her in the row, which is a good thing.

(12-31-2020, 03:04 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: Magnificent as always!

So close to the end now.

Thanks! Yeees, yeeeesssss, mhnmhwahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one more surprise (even for me) photo to sneak in before I finish this thread for good - a cutie arrived today! I was ex(seriously, these x and p shenanigans are getting old)pecting her in second half of January, if not later, but here she is! Azone EX☆Cute Lien Angelic Sigh IV ver. 1.1 from 2018!

To decode that name - EX☆Cute is Azone's line of Pure Neemo dolls ('Neemo' is name for Azone bodies that are used across various lines, Pure are 1/6, Picco are 1/12), Lien is the name of this particular sculpt / face screening. Angelic Sigh is supposed to be a fashion brand, but I think it's an imaginary one, as I couldn't find any info on it (not to be confused with Angelic Pretty, super famous Lolita brand that did multiple collabs with Groove), IV is there because there were other dolls sporting imaginary brands in this series, and ver.1.1 is how Azone numbers their recolored re-releases (the original doll had blonde hair).

[Image: 23dc6a3859e0c901027286d9f81bb2b0.jpg]

Isn't she the cutest? I'd never guess I was going to receive a doll on New Year's Eve!


And now onto the final post as planned!

What a fricken year! Gosh, if years had bums, I'd sure like to kick 2020's. With a running start. The pandemic has a very strong impact on me. Not the virus itself, it is bad, but I'd be able to cope, but the way our government keeps making everything worse is really getting to me. The whole nation suffers because of it, and everyone is confused, uncertain and frustrated, as the rules change every day and there's no advance in announcements of changes, so it's impossible to keep up. When nobody knows what to ex(seriously...)pect, it's kinda hard to pull oneself out of this nation-wide bad mood and confusion. Migraines aren't helping either, who would have guessed...

At the beginning of 2020, I was hoping it would be a fun year. 2020 is a nice number, there were going to be two Fridays the 13th in 2020 and two full moons in October, and other exciting things to look forward to! But then everything just kept getting worse and worse, and I had a hard time maintaining a reasonably good mood. When I was about a third into the challenge, I still believed I'd be doing another one in 2021, but then my usual summer 'Iwannadropthis' patches didn't go away with the arrival of autumn, like they usually do, and the last months of the challenge became a torture that didn't give me any joy at all. I don't feel good for completing a third year in the row, I'm just glad to be finaly rid of this thing.

Still, there were things I enjoyed, like the scavenger hunts, or the book posts, and I'm not done with doll photography itself, I'm just going to take a break from it and avoid anything that resembles a challenge, because I tend to turn those from fun into chores.

Thank you to everyone who commented on this thread, and congrats to all of you who completed daily and weekly challenges!!!

Day 366

'Lights, camera, action!'

[Image: f5a0cfc0dec5dbdd36839311b91afdd0.jpg]

[Image: 63fcb66168197249868370694cf48862.jpg]

[Image: c9e7a794e8500d1ea5c836c2b8e6089e.jpg]

'Cut! Amazing performance, Your Lunacy!'

[Image: c8b2315e231259971c7ae17c208060c3.jpg]

Aaaand that's a wrap.

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