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Quarantine20 Scavenger Hunt!!! ...The winners...!!! :D
I really need to start taking notes when I catch up on this thread so I can reply to specific people/photos but I love everything as always. Especially learning about different currencies!! And the fossils wow! I finally finished up my photos today. I can't wait to see the next list of prompts!

FINALLY, 4. Radio
[Image: 49838671063_2ef1242360.jpg]

If you look closely, that little white fluff in the background is my cat Elphie! I can't believe it took me so long to find a doll sized radio that wasn't the karaoke machine in the dollhouse. But here's Max and Roxy and their daughter Kimmi having a little dance party.

15. Freshly Baked
[Image: 49839212991_7dd32f720e.jpg]

My mom made coffee cake just in time to get this done! Of course our resident pastry chef, Kermi, had to be in this one Heart 2

21. A Hat
[Image: 49838672293_6c3190d572.jpg]

I set Jake aside for photos in this hat a few weeks ago and never got around to taking any, so I thought I'd use him for this theme in his little cat hat! Also fun fact, I work at a Spencer's Gifts and the background is from our Birds of Prey display! (My supervisor let me take it home when we took everything down LOL also just wanted an excuse to talk about my job because I miss it so much!) 

22. A Magnet
[Image: 49839214141_e7fc106447.jpg]

I wanted this photo to be a little darker and creepy, but I just couldn't make it work without a planchette. I believe I got this magnet my freshman year of high school to use in my locker and never realized what a perfect size it was for my dolls!

23. Smallest denomination coin
[Image: 49838673423_b7054fb9bb.jpg]

Wanted to use my lucky Canadian penny, but I couldn't find it (very fitting because today's been kinda rough), so here's it's less cool cousin. Good ole Abe!

24. A Cat
[Image: 49839214036_8755fd6d6b.jpg]

Boy was I excited to see this theme. I love cats and currently have 4 so I was really hoping I could rope one of them into a photo. Luckily Sinder is my emotional support animal and is always attached to my hip, so I was able to prop Syd up with her while she was sleeping on my desk chair. The cat in Syd's arms is a recreation of my first ESA (Ash, or her full name Ashlynn Cat-Chum from Purrlet Town who uses a Pikamew), who I miss so dearly and was like a child to me. She went missing right before hurricane Irma and we never found her, so I decided to immortalize her in the dollhouse (as well as a forearm tattoo) so my mini me could have her forever, and thought she'd also be a cute addition to this photo. Syd is also wearing a cat necklace my friend Abby made me, but you can't really see the charm Sweatdrop

[Image: 49839214341_79ae8889aa.jpg]

Stripes, a button (pin on), blue toy, a cat, an item from another country, radio, an interesting bottle, hammer or screwdriver, and a spring! Syd's pooped from all this scavenger hunting, but it was so fun and inspiring to have all these prompts! Thank you for arranging this Alliecat! Can't wait to see the next round if there is one. This has been so awesome! Heart 2
Looking for: Dal Lucia, Sentimental Noon, Taeyang Richt


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