Welly's Feedback; 100% positive! *^^* Thank you everyone~!
+ 1 for being a wonderful and amazing seller! Shipping was so fast and the communication was very very friendly - perfect!
I would love to buy again from you <3

You are such a nice and lovely person - I can´t thank you enough!!! I love Papin (Akemi) so much

Another +1 from me as a seller - she responded to my want list and sent me one of the items for a good price and extremely fast shipped. Cute chibis drawn on the envelope and notepad sheet added to the deal! <3
<3 Positive!
Sold me Nina and shipped her beautifully (and cutely drew on the package xD)
Thanks so much and I hope to do business again ^^
+1 as a seller- Sold me the beautiful Malice custom, she arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I love the little chibis she drew on the note and the package

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Ordered: Dollzone Venus Halo, Halo and Halo Strayer 
+1 from me! Thanks for Aquel's stock, it's beautiful on my Kirsche!
-super well packaged
-super cute drawings and note
-stock in fantastic condition
+1 Sold me a wonderful rewigged Jupi. Sweet seller, and quick shipping!
Thanks!! <3
[Image: dollies-1.gif]
Oh man, I forgot feeback again <img src=" />

+1 for a fantastic seller! She is so sweet! Everything was perfect!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Lead loves his new home, and I love Lead <3 and my girls too ;-)
+1 as a seller; couldn't have asked to deal with a sweeter person <3 She was patient, great communication, and shipped in a timely manner <img src=" /> I really love Panda, thank you so much!
I have left the Pullip hobby indefinitely. I no longer receive PMs from the forum, so please email me if you have any questions or concerns.


+1 for Nick~ He's so cute! (hope you did good on your exams too) <3
+1 - Wonderful buyer, super nice with very fast payment. grin
+1 for selling me Butler's body!

It arrived quickly, and I was finally able to repair my Butler thanks to Welly ^^
+1 lovely buyer, great communication, thank you! grin <3
+ 1 Welly is a super nice seller, she saved my Thomas with a new pair of feet/ankles YAY! Many many thanks!! <3 <img src=" />
+1 as a seller. Super sweet to work with. Very easy transaction. Highly recommended.
Thank you so much! I love my Doll!
Super Sweet and Great to talk to! Would recommend Anytime! <3 <3
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