Joni's Feedback
+1 Great seller! Carefully packaged and quick shipping. Very friendly and caring. Would do work with again. ^-^Mahalo.
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+1 seller! Great transactionsmile
+1! I bought two pairs of re-ment shoes from Joni. Quick and easy - what more could I ask for!? Happy Thanks so much!
+1 positive. received the bodies, thanks so much!
+1 as a seller!

I bought a nude/bald Hello Kitty Pullip from Joni. Joni was great to work with. She had fast friendly pms. The sale went very quickly. The item was received very quickly, was packaged well, and just as the pictured / described.
Thank you so much Joni!!!!
+1 awesome seller! Thanks for the obitsu and tool box <3
+1 for a wonderful, awesome and really, really friendly seller ^___^ Thank you so much!! Filato is so cute, I am glad to get him from you!!!
+1! Items arrived quickly and exactly as described, excellent seller! Thanks again! grin
+1 for Joni for a super transaction and lightning speed shipping.

dal :0)
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+a gazillion (+1) for letting me adopt her amazing bisou!
also buy my dolls
+1 as a GO participant. Payed for items when requested, and was very easy to work with. Thanks!
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+1 great communication, fast shipping - thanks again =)
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+1 as a buyer. Joni bought a wig from me, paid immediately, and was very friendly, as usual! Always a pleasure to chat and do business with! <3
+1 as a seller.

I purchased a Can-can wig which came in record shipping time. The wig was in good condition for a very fair price. Friendly, fast PMs. Thanks again!
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+1 for a great sale

bought a great black gown from her and it looks wonderfull on my newest custom - a pleasure to work with and great shipping yay

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