Cauldroness's Feedback Thread
I have positive feedback on eBay, username "cauldroness"

I have positive feedback on the following forums:
Den of Demons (username Cauldroness -- )
Dolly Mixtures (username Cauldroness --,241.0.html )
Pinky:St (username Cauldroness --,788.0.html )
Pullip Style (username Cauldroness -- )

I'm also starting my own feedback thread on my LJ, to try to keep my feedback in one place:

Thanks for the beautiful wigs! ^^
Shipping was fast & the transaction was easy!
Thank you so much for selling Prunella to me. She's so very pretty and the extras totally rocked. smile

+1 for organizing the Leekeworld GO! Cauldroness is unbelievably organized, and I am very pleased with this GO. I would definitely participate in any future GOs she may run. smile
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+1 for the Leeke GO!

This was a huge order and Cauldroness did a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed of the progress. Thanks!
+1 GO organizer

She kept track of a huge two order GO and did an amazing job. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I'm super happy with how it went.
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I was also part of Cauldy's big Leekeworld Group Order, and Cauldy was very pleasant, organized, and professional throughout! Thank you very very much for your effort and organization to make this happen! She's terrific! Gold stars!
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Cauldy ran the Leekeworld GO with the ease of a professional. It was a perfectly organised experience with a very nice lady and I would be happy to join any future GO Cauldy organises smile
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+1 for being very organized when running group orders
My feedback:

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+1 for running another Leeke GO

Cauldroness does an excellent job of keeping everyone posted as to the progress and I wouldn't hesitate to participate in another one.

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