Feedback For Pstyle; pullipstyle
Here is my feedback thread! I'll probably use this site for non-doll sales <3
I have bought several of my dolls from them! They are marvelous sellers! +5
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100% fabulous seller - I have purchased hundreds of dolls from PullipStyle!
My feedback:

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Amazing seller. Always answers questions & shipping is wonderfully fast. Never sells something they don't have in stock. Never makes up excuses. always tries to go the extra mile to help out a customer. I've bought tons of dolls from them & will continue to do so. A name you can trust!
I have never been disappointed by Pullip Style. The customer service they provide is excellent! Heart
^I agree with all of the above. as a relatively new customer, I've still been treated exceptionally well, & will always buy from this site.

I've bought at least a hundred dolls from them without complaint and whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone and everyone <3
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Fantastic Seller~ I'm Always very pleased with my purchase.
Great packaging & Fast Shipping. would recommend to anyone! :-)
I have bought probably over 40 dolls from them, excellent service!
Fantastic seller! I've put in quite a few orders through Pullip Style, and I am always happy with the entire transactions from start to finish. If I have any questions, I can count on a quick reply to my concern. Thanks so much--the Sengoku Basara pullip, taeyang & Isul have arrived safe & sound. smile
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Great seller! Ordered my Chloi from them(two years ago XD) and arrived just in time for the 2010 Christmas day grin

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