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+1 for being a great seller. Fast shipping and very nice. <3
[Image: 16973978@N06.jpg]

A great transaction!
Communication was great, quick payment! :3
+ 1 from me! Great seller- everything is even better than I thought - I love them! The communication was great, also prompt shipping.
Highly recommended -would definitely buy from again!
+1 as a wonderful and Honest seller! Accurate shipping, very pleased!

Very nice and easy to deal with.
current family~
<3 mini moon, mercu, lrrh, arietta, mini swan, bnp, souseiseki, celsiy, dita, bouquet, froggy, sebastian, grell & xiao fan<3

Feedback FLICKr

[Image: PA050080-1.jpg]
+ 1 for being a wonderful seller!!! Thank you so much!!! Hugs <3
+1 as fast seller, thank you very much ^^
+1 as a seller grin
I purchased an MSD hoodie from her and she communicated very well with me (quantity and quality). payment to shipment was a little longer than either of us had expected, so she added a free gift (another MSD hoodie) to compensate! A totally unnecessary and generous gift.
I would definitely buy again and would reference this seller anytime! grin
[Image: listsig.jpg]
+1 as a trader! I LOOOOVE the Kurhn dolls! Thanks for trading with me!
Way over due feedback!

+1 for street <3
A big positive from me for buying my custom Dyllie!
My feedback:

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