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Feedback For Kittywolf13 :D
Hi! If you have done transactions with me...or I with you, please leave a comment so that i may build a history for future buyers/sellers to refer to.

Here's my feedback from Den of Angels (Which is a 100% positive!): Feedback from Den of Angels!

And from Ebay (Theres not a whole lot there since i just opened my account):

Thank you!

My Feedback thread!
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+1 as buyer... thank you :sp 2: <3
+1 as a buyer!


It was a very friendly and pleasant transaction!

grin Fast payment & great communication, thank you! Enjoy the new addition to your dolly family.

+1 as a seller - i bought Kittywolf's modified Raffia and i love her - i still have to fix her floppy body some and customize her as i want but i defiantly love her
+1 as a buyer. She paid fast and had good communication. Thanks!
+1 as a buyer

bought my bait type 3 and Taeyang body - was a doll to work with - deffently will do business with again XD
+1 as a buyer. I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction! Fast payment and great communication. I hope you enjoy your new doll!
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+1 as a buyer! Great communication and lovely to do business with! Thanks again!
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