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Please post feedback here if you ever did trade/buy from me :sp 2:

If possible please try to include the following information.

Transaction: Sell/Trade etc
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My package arrived today! <3

Transaction: Sale
Item: 2 circular felt cakes
Date: 1/15/09
Your Location: U.S.

Comment: Pictures provided for the sale were awesome as well as the seller. Let me know immediately when there was a change in the ship date. Would buy from again 100%. :] Thanks for the cakes, they are too cute.

My Feedback, please leave me some, thanks! <3
+1! The 2 mini DS are adorable!! I'm sure my girls will love them smile Thank you!
Item: Nintendo DS
Date: erm..? i cant remember - sorry
Your Location: USA - Texas

Comment: +1 as seller. I was very please with the quality & price of product.
Item: Nintendo DS
Date: April... 5th or so? Sorry >>;;;
Your Location: USA - Ohio

I love it! Thanks so much. Its just so cute yay

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1+ I purchased a nude Dal. Smooth transaction!
April 2009
mailed to Illinois in the US
My feedback:

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+1 as a wonderful seller, asked for youtsuzu 3 month ahead but she was out and when she came it stock it was automatically on hold for me! That's fantastic! That's a trustworthy seller! Plus she gave me a mini DS!

Thank you again!
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Feedback FLICKr

[Image: PA050080-1.jpg]
Transaction: Sale
Item: nude pullip
Date: 5/18
Your Location: NC, USA

+1 as a seller! I received my girl very quickly for such a long distance! She's lovely and totally wonderful!

Thanks a heap!
<3 Sara
Transaction/item - I purchased a nude and bald Adsiltia from Kochan
Date: 3rd june
Your Location: UK

arrived 9th june, very well packed, and in excellent timing, as you can see..... perfect! very, very pleased with her, thank you very much!
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Items wanted - Girl Ciel boots, Pirate Dal's boots
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Transaction: Sell
Item: Oren Pullip
Date: 06/24
Your Location: Kansas, USA

+1 as a seller. Oren arrived quickly, just as described. She is gorgeous and I'm so glad to have her. Thanks for an easy transaction!
Transaction: Purchased a nude Snow White Momoko
Date: Received July 10 (extremely fast shipping)
Location: St. Louis, Mo USA

#1 seller, easy transaction, wonderful communicator! Thank you so much!
I bought a nude clarity 15 july received on the 20 july very very happy excellent seller very fast shipping to uk wonderful to deal with smile thankyou so much A+
dolls are for big kids too ^-^
+1 as a seller I bought a Nude Sweet Poodle Momoko, and she really is the sweetest thing. Communication was excellent and shipping was ultra fast and she was well packaged.

Thank you!!
I bought BNP / LITTLE FROGGY AND Revoltech toy

21 July i received 28 July

Excellent as always very happy very well packaged dolls perfect !!! pleasure to do business with thankyousmile
dolls are for big kids too ^-^
Transaction: Sell
Item: Mini Princi & Mini Cornice
Date: 08/06/09
Your Location: Kansas, USA

+2 as a seller. My minis arrived in perfect condition! Kochan is very sweet to work with and I would buy from her again yay

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