Myufish's Feedback
++++1 as a customizer! She did a beautiful job!! I recommend! grin

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+1 Swapped a wig for one of hers, it came quickly and in great condition! smile
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A+++ buyer!
Money arrived safely packed between pocky ^-^ No difficulties, highly recommended as buyer!
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Thanks to Myufish <3
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+1 as a buyer

I had a wonderful selling experience with myufish. She responded quickly to my messages and paid promptly, as well. Great buyer! Special 2
+1 Commissioned Face-Up
I sent my Volks Yo-SD Chika, Emily, to Myu for a face-up fix (lips).
She did extremely great work, AMAZING communication, sent pictures, and included a lovely teddy for my doll!
Quality work, beyond amazing customer service, and crazy fast shipping! ♥
Highly recommended.
+1, of course!

Myufish does such fantastic face-ups and her rates are the most reasonable. She is quick to respond to any concerns and PMs and always includes wonderful goodies when she returns the doll back home. Loving Koto's new face-up--and I'm glad she's home for the holidays. yay
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+1 for an amazing faceup done on my ElfDoll Lovely Dami!!
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One word to describe Myufish: AMAZING.

I will honestly admit I'm a bit picky, but Myufish is amazingly patient and went above and beyond making sure I was satisfied.
She made sure that she got down all the details and was more than willing to work with me. She was absolutely awesome.
My Fairyland PukiPuki Pipi, Rin, turned out gorgeously and she looks exactly like I pictured her in my head.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Myu, you are extremely talented and have the patience of a saint!!!

Highly and extremely recommended!!!
+2 as a coustomizer myufish did the face ups for 2 of my girls and they look better then i thought they would. great commuaction and fast shipping ^^
+1 bought a simply Guava from me, everything was perfect, very sweet to talk to, thanks so much! <3
+2 as a customizer, my dolls heads came yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful. Words cannot describe enough how amazing myufish is =]
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+10 if I can !
Myu is an amazing aritst/friend n____n .. She customized my Nahh-Ato which was ordered originally by her to reduce the shipping cost from PS to Me to her! She also offered buying me the volks body my Nahh-ato using grin .. Her custom face up is amazing , she can tell really what style you want and apply it in a perfect way . My doll came as I want, and to be honest, much prettier than I ever imagine ... Thanks Cammie =3
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+1 for great customiser

I bought a bait doll from another seller and had it shipped straight to her (as both seller and Myu are in USA and I am in UK) her faceup is more amazing than I could have ever imagined! Will certainly be adding more Myu customs to my collection!
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+1 as a customizer. My Nahh-ato took a tumble and messed up her custom face-up. Myufish was able to fix her up quickly and send her back home just as fast. She looks like a brand new doll again yay Thanks Myufish!!!
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+1 as a buyer!
Prompt payment, great communication and very understanding when I shipped later than I said I would. Thanks so much!

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