If you don't mind me asking - who was the seller?
I think sometimes sellers start auctions out low (especially on rare dolls) to get incentives to bid. Pullip_mania on Ebay recently started listing tons of Pullips and they all originally started out as a low bid. Of course many ended up over $100 and then they listed the dolls again, this time with a set BIN price similar to where the original auction ended.

I don't think cheap necessarily = scam. It really just depends. Street's bids will probably continue to climb.
Hi the seller was Korean on Ebay I asked them to put a bin for me they did for 100.00 I figured that was fair NRFB and worth it because my street needs a twin.
that's great! I just got a NRFB Street from Korea as well for $120 + shipping.
Apr 22 2009, 03:06 AM
that's great! I just got a NRFB Street from Korea as well for $120 + shipping.
Yay, congrats!
thanks - can't wait for her to arrive smile she's coming via EMS so hopefully it will be soon smile
I'm trying to sell my complete stock Street right now, and I just wondered if anybody has any idea if I'm really overcharging for her. I don't want to seem like a jerk who wants way more than a doll's going for nowadays. :/

I originally paid $140 shipped for her.
I'm asking for $110 + shipping.
She is in perfect condition, as is all of her stock.
Does this seem reasonable?
I'm going to bump this up to see if anybody has any recent PC for this lovely girl...What would be a reasonable price for a near complete Street whose neck has broken, but been repaired well?
[Image: P1030575_zps8bc2742c-1_zpsa005cc57.jpg]

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