Hi I am thinking about letting go of my Pullip Souseiseki. Here is what she has to offer

*She is full stock, hair (never been rewigged), eyes, type 3 body, outfit (without vest) , stand, card, & box!

* She has no marks what so ever on her face (have close up pictures to prove it)

* She would come with her complete stock as well as some extra goodies ( outfits, bag, shoes ect. and I will take some pictures of everything tomorrow)

* For alittle more I would toss in a custom quilted travel bag.

* And I could also rebody her with a obistu 27cm M bust SBH for about $30 more. ( I would re attach her stock wig)

Here is a picture of her on my flickr page

and a close up

I was hoping for around $100 but dont know if she would be more or a little less. Let me know what you think thanks & smiles
The link says "sorry you dont have permission to view this page"
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Souseiseki NRFB is under $90 at Valley of the Dolls.
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I just bought one NRFB on ebay for $78US plus $15 shipping.
Around $80 dollars I think, but I don't really know
How much would she go for:
Nude/bald, Type 3 body with chipped/cracked wrist, torso flops, one ankle stain but that's it, rechipped and full stock minus card, box and stand?
I'd say $55 nude and bald, $75 stock minus card/box/stand, maybe a few dollars less..?..
how much new but out of the box with all the pieces, card, but without the shoes, socks, and stand?

what would be a good trade for her?
How much do her scissors go for by themselves? I've got someone that wants to by them from me and I'm not sure how much to ask.
I'm thinking about letting Felix go since I don't pay her enough attention, but I don't know about her price.

She's in good condition with only small shiney spots on her forehead and nose tip that a more experienced person could probably get rid of. As far as I know she's never been rechipped but she has been opened. Her stock wig is quite dry at the tips and has flyaways, and she's been rebodied onto a medium hardbust obitsu and stuffed with foam so she doesn't flop. I would throw in all the clothes I have for her whcih would be a bag full of jeans, tops, jackets, a couple of dresses, shorts, gloves and leg warmers, dr martin boots and a few accessories.

Any ideas?
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