Cassie - Pullip Hello Kitty; New cupcake dress photos!
Some updated photos of Cassie. smile

[Image: 3528989894_d72f571c01.jpg][Image: 3543591319_ea962a5d9d.jpg][Image: 3567956425_57ca1eefd8.jpg][Image: 3665602885_b590311543.jpg][Image: 3665602591_cd3f1fde71.jpg]
So adorable! I like the ones with matching chirt and socks. And wow does someone like pandas!
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..... Berry [MPC] ... Sherbert [Erenfried]..Tessla [Sooni]
xD thank you! Yep, Cassie has claimed my panda collection as her own. I think it all started with the knit hat from her aunt Birdie!
[Image: 3708186121_2ba9859ba0_o.jpg]
New flare pants!
A couple of new outfits!

[Image: 3753713484_778fe67853.jpg]
This outfit was inspired by Poison Girl's comment on some fabric from my stash.

[Image: 3902647266_13aae37c0f.jpg]
This was her birthday dress and gift!
One of the cutest HK's I've seen. And that's saying something since I used to own one!! LOL (I love her in the red kimono outfit and the flare pants and sweet pink top.)
More photos!

[Image: 4366963768_0c12cca408.jpg]

[Image: 4367001010_ee02229734.jpg]

[Image: 4169393999_1cc8e88fa3.jpg]

[Image: 4245820923_1d8c82a36b.jpg]

[Image: 4245820633_757d094182.jpg]
Cassie is so adorable jenn! I love her panda collection too! So cute!
Thank you! <3
OOOooooh she is beautiful! I love your HK
Thank you!
Here are a few more photos of her with her new eyelashes. smile

[Image: 4665071034_7cb7e0ac5a_o.jpg]
[Image: 4664446319_59b08a2d8d_o.jpg]
[Image: 4665077430_eab3d3a48e_o.jpg]
She's so pretty with the new long lashes! I love all her different looks.
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Thank you! ^.^

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