Woops! Yes, sorry! :3;; MIB would be right then.

Thanks for the info. ^^
MIB is Mint In Box, so it only applies I think if the doll is in mint condition- like she has just been opened.

It seems that $120- $150 is not unusual for a full stock latte.
NRFB Latte sold on eBay April 27, 2011 for $250
How much should I ask for my nude latte she has a lovely soft white wig that really suits her. She's soo cute in it. It's not glued down it just slips on.
Anyone would have an idea in what price range a NRFB or a nude Latte would cost nowadays?

I'm thinking to part with my NRFB latte and would like to get some reference here...

Thanks in advance!
The lowest one I can find on eBay is $200 +shipping. ^^
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Has anyone bought/sold one lately? Looking to sell mine, just sure what the prices are nowadays.

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