Mika187 feedback
+1 for being a great seller.

I bought some very nice outfits and a wig from Ashley. They arrived in good condition and were shipped fast. Thanks so much--I'm sorry you're leaving the hobby. Best of luck to you!

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+1 as a seller

I purchased Filato from Mika187 and he is in flawless condition. She was a pleasure to deal with. Thankyou again smile
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+1 as a seller.

Everything was perfect, fast delivery a super perfect packaging. Thanks!!
+1 for an awesome sale

sold me Fai and i LOVE LOVE LOVE him yay
+1 as a great seller!
She's trustworthy since she immediately returned the excess money I've paid her. smile
The item also arrived in great condition. smile
+ 1 as a buyer

She purchased Sage and was very fast to pay and a great communicator! Thanks!
+1 as a buyer
She bought some eyechips from me and the transaction was perfect (great communication and prompt payment)!! Thank you so much!! smile
+1 as a buyer
She purchased Pullip Peter Pan from me and the transaction went excellent! Great communication and quick payment. Thanks so much again! yay
+1 positive
excellent buyer, sent payment very quickly. thanks so much for your purchase! <3
+1 as a buyer!
Mika187 purchased a bait Raphia from me, it was a perfect transaction, great communication and fast payment! Thanks so much!! smile
+ 1 as a buyer!
Mika187 purchased Isul Rabbit from me and paid super fast and had great communication!
+1 as seller

Ashley contacted me about Mao, and I was happy with everything! Paypal encountered a problem on my end, and she was more than patient with the situation. She sent quickly, and Mao is perfect.<33 Would definitely buy from again!

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+1 as a buyer. Mika187 was a pleasure to work with. What a smooth and happy transaction. Have fun with your new Dal! Special 3
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+1 as a buyer. Great communication and quick payment. thanks so much!
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+1 as a buyer. Mika187 is wonderful to work with -- super fast payment, great communication.

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