Feedback for Sheepie
+1 as a seller for her custom dal Emaline~ She shipped fast and was packaged with such care and came with extras~ Super friendly and great to do business with, thanks again!~

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+1 as a seller

I bought some of Emaline's clothes & it was a pleasure doing business with such a friendly, patient person !
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+1 as a seller! Bought some Pinky St figures from her, she was polite and helpful and just all-round a great seller! I highly recommend her. smile
+1 buyer! Fantastic transaction; quick, friendly and smooth. Couldn't ask for more. Perfect!
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+1 I participated in a Jimmy X split with sheepie. I received my end of the split today thanks so much everything was packed so nice.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
+1 as an awesome person grin

Sheepie so kindly ordered my huge Obitsu order and shipped them to me in the UK! I'm beyond grateful and happy to have avoided customs charges XD Sheepie... You're my hero! Lol grin

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