Harker's feedback
+1 for being a great buyer.
Purchased some eyechips from me. She was polite, paid immediately, let me know when the package reached her and left feedback for me. Couldn't ask for an easier transaction. smile Thank you!
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+1 as a buyer, very positive transaction and she's so sweet! Paid very quickly and was super patient and understanding when I had an unexpected delay. She also let me know as soon as the package arrived.

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy your new Haute! smile

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+1 for a wonderful buyer!
very friendly to deal with and great communication throughout the transaction; would totally recommend; thank you so much!! smile
+1 as a buyer

Thank you! Happy
+1 as a seller. I purchased a couple of her outfit sets and some other accessories, and they were nice items in great condition, I am very happy with the transaction. I would however like to add a small remark that it took 7 days from I paid until the items were shipped, which I personally would have liked to be told beforehand.
Item: bought 3 dresses and 13 pairs of mary jane shoes from me
Date: Late Aug 2011
My Location: THAILAND

+ 2 as buyer

Comment: Great communication, and very prompt payment~<3 Really recommended buyer!smile
Oh, you changed your name! XD

+1 as a split partner (Byul Sucre)! Paid promptly and everything arrived safely! Wonderful communication, wonderful transaction.
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If I forgot to leave you feedback, please let me know!

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+1 for an easy, well-communicated transaction! Thanks!
-1 for Harker. I purchased some items from her on the 13th of Feb. and paid on that date. When I contacted her on the 22nd of Feb that I have not received my items she said that she did not shipped it out cause she needed my address again which I gave her the first time. I am guessing there was a glitch in the PM system, Since it happened to me too. I want my money back I have waited way to long to get my items. I always at least wait a week or a week and a half when I buy something overseas to get it. But this is ridiculous.
Harker bought a few items from me but they apparently never arrived.
Buyer agreed that they read my terms which state that I am not responsible if items are not shipped by registered mail.
I told the buyer I could not refund her in light of these terms.
Buyer claims that I "forced" them to pay for regular mail since I did not quote another price in my PM. I was never asked for a registered mail quote and my terms were clearly read and agreed to by the buyer upon purchase. My PM also clearly stated the quote was for regular priority mail, not registered. I believe it is also the buyer's responsibility to ask questions if they are unsure about anything.
Unpleasant transaction.
I takes 7 days for mail to get to the U.S. from France. Never sent out my items in the first place because it should have been here by now! That's probably why harker asked for money as a gift which I lost and will never get back. Probably used my money to purchase solarsenshi items. Not a way to to business. Who's the rude person now?

Re: 30,39,40
03-02-2012, 10:00 AM

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Re: 30,39,40
To: Harker
My clothes have not shown up. I want my money back I have waited 2 week to get them.
thank you

Harker Wrote:
Sorry but I can not cancel it, I already prepared the package and gave it to a member of my family near the post office. He's going to send it.

Everything is ok.

have a good night

CocoBliss Wrote:
Pic 19 the dark blue stripped pants, Pic 22 the pink plaid skirt and the blue jeans pants.

Harker Wrote:
Ok thanks a lot (I didn't have any adress in the archive messages so I was wondering it's strange Oo)

Can you remember me what 30,39 and 40 standed for please ? It's a shame I changed my sales topic so I erased all the numbers and as I have many many orders I can't remember what is was so sorry T0T


CocoBliss Wrote:
Yes I gave you the address, but here it is again


Please let me know when it ships out.

Thank you

Harker Wrote:

first you did give me any adresse ^^' so it is not shipped !

Secondly, the shipment will not be tracked at all it would have cost you a lot...

CocoBliss Wrote:

Do you have the tracking number for the clothes I purchased.

Thank you

Harker Wrote:
ok thanks

please give me your adress

CocoBliss Wrote:
Money has been sent.
Thank you so much!

Harker Wrote:
CocoBliss Wrote:
I am interested in purchasing 30,39, and 40 if it is still available.

thank you


yes it is ^^ so 3€ + 2€ shipping


(by gift please so that you charge paypal fees )

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+1 as a buyer!

She purchased some stock outfits from me.
Nice communication and quick answer always. Nice to deal with her. wink
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+1 as a seller
Bought a pair of shoes from her and everything went well. Thanks so much! smile
+1 seller
Good shipping, products as described smile Thank you!
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+1 for being a wonderful seller

The items came as seen in the pictures, and fast shipping yay
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