How split percentages are figured out
Not sure if this is really the place to post this but....

I am wondering what the basic rules are for splits - I have seen 60/40 and 55/45 (is that for dolls with special outfits?)
Then how is a wig figured in to all this?

I want to post for a My Melody split (The doll with the wig for me) and I am not sure how to break up the price.....

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IMO, stock consists of the clothing & accessories that are not directly attached to the doll (ie. earrings). Since the wig is attached to the doll, I would not expect it to be included with stock.

A person should state if she wants to keep the wig or not when offering to split. If not explicity stated, the wig should be considered part of the "doll percentage" of the split.

Edit to include: 55/45 is usually for collabs, like the H. Naoto dolls. The "designer label" fetches a higher price.
Thanks for the info!

So, would that include My Melody, since she is Sanrio, as a 55/45?
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It really depends on the person you are splitting with. Not all collabs go for 55/45.
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I think it depends what someone is willing to pay for her stock, but it's not unreasonable. I agree with the other posters, that generally the wig would be included with the "doll" part of the exchange, unless someone specifically stated they did or didn't want it.
Even when splitting, most people don't want to go above $45 shipped for a stock outfit smile

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