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**Please note: I am over 30 years of age and have my own PayPal account.**

I have 100% positive feedback across the board here, on eBay and Etsy. I pride myself on being courteous and speedy in any PM or communication sent. I pay immediately when buying and I ship quickly when selling. Happy

Thanks for leaving me feedback!
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+1 For buying my Xiao Fan smile Great communication and fast payment. It was a real pleasure and I'm sure you two will get along great. <3
No longer a collector.
I only check here every few days if you need to contact me. Also same name on DoA which may be faster.
My Dolly Market Feedback
+1 enjoy the clothes!
+3, as a Great Seller, Communicator and Shipper!! Tootie sold me an obitsu, kimono and some obitsu hands... in very nice condition, even better than the photos. She was also a dear and added a special gift. Thanks again!!
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+1 as a buyer! Very quick payment and excellent communication~ Thanks again!
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+1 as a seller. Quickest shipping ever! grin Thank you!
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+1 as a seller, ultra quick shipping, doll was packaged well couldn't be happier grin Thanks so much <3
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+1 Super fast shipping and lovely as usual. yay Thanks so much!
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+ 1 as a great seller. Patient and friendly. Fast shipping and Eos arrived safely. Thank you. smile
positive +1 as a seller, very nice and friendly communication, very quick shipping thank you!
+1 for sending me a Doll quickly and well packaged, great transaction smile
+1 as a seller! I bought Xiao Fan's stock from Maggi and the transaction was wonderful! She's friendly and nice to deal with, quick communication and ships quickly as well! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks so much!
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+1 as Seller

Sent the doll quickly and well packaged.
Ebay feedback
DM Feedback

WTB: T1 body, Pullips bait heads with eye mech, Stock outfits of Lilith, Savon, Bianca and Panda, Stock eye chips,Pullips eyemechs (complete), and Another Alice with full stock outfit and accessories......Happy

+1 as a seller.

Kimono was sent quickly and was as described. Thanks for the smooth transaction! wink
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+1 as a seller.

I'm from South America and I bought an Eos stock outfit. All the items are well packaged and arrived safely.

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