feedback for DarkWing-Zero
Positive : 22 ( buyer: 21 - Seller : 1)
negative: 1 - See site 2 and read why .....( item or refund never arrived)

LOLLOLdo you have any feedback for me please post here .

Thank You very much Happy
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+1 as a buyer!
Great to deal with, quick payment and super friendly! Thank you!
+1 positive as a buyer!

Easy and quick to communicate, timely with payment and friends throughout the entire transaction (even while we tweaked some things) so many thanks and I wish you good luck on your new custom!
ask me about: my momoko I'm rehoming or my pullip clothes sale...
looking for: picco neemo s body
feel free to just talk to me: if you're new or even if you aren't! I love a good conversation with a fellow doll-collector.
+ 1 as a buyer Heart 2

super nice communication and fast payment- thanks!!

+1 as buyer! Great communication and quick payment. Thanks again sweetie!
+1 as a buyer! Paid quickly and kept great communication. Thank you!
+1 as a buyer, bought some stock outfits and re-ment from me, paid quickly, and no problems at all, very nice person to deal with! thank you!!!!Happy
+1 awesome buyer! Super friendly and great communication, and fast payment! Everything went swimmingly!
1+ as a buyer - she purchased some Tezca stock bits from me. Thanks!
My feedback:

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+1 as a buyer, bought some clothes from me and everything was perfect as last time, thank you so much!
+1 as a split.

It's a nice person, fast communication, quick payment and very friendly. I split a Rida with her.

Thank you so much. I hope we can to do more splits smile
+1 as a seller/trade!
DarkWing-zero is Wonderful!! <3
Thank you!!
+1 as a buyer! grin
+1 positive, wonderful to do business with, thank you! =]
+1 for adopting Youtsuzu! Great buyer, fantastic communication~
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