Nevai,my white neko girl.
The paws are really cute! grin And the hello kitty dress <3
So cute Heart I love her paws!!!!
wow, she is super cute! Love it!
She is adorable, and I love her mittens!!
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OMG... she' so amazing. Her eyes are so bloody red... I like. n_____n And the hole outfit is so great.
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Thank you again!!!
her hair is so awesome!
She's simply wonderful! I love her!
She is just too cute! wink The paws remind me of a korean girl group MV haha
Thank you everybody! ^^
Very lovely neko girl ,she's so nice
She is so cute!!!!!!!! i love how she is holding her paws to her face. So sweet ^__^
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NEKO NEKO FUN FUN! I adore her, she's beautiful! I love love love her!

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oooo ^^ so cute ^^
Mau *__*
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