Cartagia's Feedback
+1 as a seller

It was lovely, I got them last week. Thank you so much.
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Dunneh. Get yours at
+1 as a seller, Thank you for the items, the rubbers are ultra cute also =]
Argh Sorry for a double post BUT
+1 as a seller, packaged nicely and great commucation
+1 as a seller.
Sold me a custom doll. Trust her! She knows what she is doing! Sent me extra pictures so I could decide which body I wanted. Kept in constant contact in messages. Took apart the doll & body to compact it into a smaller box so shipping was very cheap! Doll arrived super safe & REALLY fast from the UK! Even tossed in a little surprise lip gloss. Will order from again!
+1 as a seller. I bought a wig from her, and it arrived safely packaged and in good condition.
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+1 as a seller. She sent my items very fast and good packaged. Thank you so much!!
+1 for a lovely buyer. Friendly and flawless!
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+1 as a seller. I purchased a sassy lil' wig and it arrived in great condition. Thank you! grin
+1 as a seller....

I bought Grell from Cartagia, communication was really good, She was shipped out really quickly, & packaged up beautifully <33

Thankyou smile

+1 as a buyer, hassle free transaction x
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+1 Very happy! She is a very conscientious seller, and I would be more than happy to buy/sell with her again!
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+1 as seller, everything was super and I'm so happy with my new boy! yay
+1 as a buyer! Paid immediately and let me know when JouJou arrived safe and sound! Thanks! ♥
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+1 as a seller, I bought some doll clothes, everything went smoothly and the items arrived safely. Thank you!
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+1 as a seller of an arion taeyang. She was really kind and adviced me of a little problem of the doll. Thanks!

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