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Great transaction with KiraKira! She sold me Melize's stock; the price was more than fair, she provided great pics and descriptions, she kept in great contact, told me when it was going to be shipped, when it was shipped, etc. She packaged the items well, shipped VERY quickly, and included a sweet note. I couldn't be happier with the transaction; highly recommended grin
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+1 as a buyer. Thanks so much for a smooth transaction. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope you enjoy your wig.
+ 1 as a seller!
Purchased 2 adorable wigs and they arrived quickly and as described, I also got a few little extras as usual from the lovely KiraKira!
Thanks again for a perfect transaction =)

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+1 as a seller

I bought Wayne from her. She shipped very quickly and he arrived in perfect condition, protected by her great packaging. She packed some adorable snacks along with him as well. smile
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+1 Shan is wonderful as always. So easy to work with, and such a sweet person in general! Always gives me great deals & awesome awesome little goodies my girls fight over Tongue Thank you again for everything!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 seller!

Always a pleasure to deal with, cannot recommend enough! Always a faultness transaction and PMs to let me know when payment is recieved and item is shipped out. Thank you. smile
+1 Seller - For red toaster shirt, guitar and other items.

Thanks so much! Very fast with shipping and great communication.
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+1 as a seller! She was kind enough to read my "want list" and offer the item I needed at a fair rate. Communication was top notch and shipping was incredibly fast. An absolutely perfect transaction!Happy
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+1 for a great sale

bought 2 outfits from her for my dolls and i love them yay great shipping and a pleasure to work with
+1 as a seller
Maguna stock as described, in great condition; fast shipping; great communication -- couldn't ask for a more pleasant transaction!! :) Thanks again!!
+1 as a wonderful buyer!

I've had many transactions with KiraKira, and she is hands down my favorite trading partner on this board. Always pleasant, pays immediately and leaves feedback when items arrive. I could not ask for a better transaction! This gal is just awesome! yay
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+1 as a seller! smile I bought a LIV t-shirt and dress from KiraKira. Communication was wonderful, shipping was really fast, and the goodies were awesome. Thank you so much!
She saw my wanted topic and sold me some coolcat eye stickers that I needed as a finishing touch for my guy! They arrived super-fast too! Thank you a TON! grin
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+1 as a seller! Received items quickly and communication was excellent.
Thank you for the extras, too! Would love to do business again. =)
+1 as a buyer! Always a pleasure to do business with! Great communication & quick payment! smile
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