Lovely Lily =)
So I got my first Pullip!

I'd half decided I wouldn't get Pullip's but my little girls needed a big sister to look after them when I am out =)

So this is Lily. She is a "My Melody". She has her stock faceup but has been re-wigged. i adopted her from "Emma Ma" on Flickr (also adopted my PukiPuki from Emma)

I haven't done many photos of her yet as I want to do some proper photos of her meeting London and Roux but I don't have time so this is the best I can do for now. She really is very beautiful though.

And now that London and Roux have a big sister, my boys are bound to feel jealous and want a big brother so I suspect Taeyang William will be coming to me soon when Pullipstyle has him back in stock ^__^

[Image: 4456329987_035f1857b7.jpg] [Image: 4459704564_448807197e.jpg] [Image: 4458923347_689599a773.jpg] [Image: 4458924187_0fe317f930_o.jpg]
[Image: familya.png]
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She is Beautiful!
:0 She's gorgeous, congratulations! =D
Congrats!! she is adorable... I think William will go nice with your Pullip family... :)
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She's so lovely! Heart 2
She is so beautiful and unique! I love her!
Aw! Congrats! I always think that My Melody is one of the most unique pullips, I think it's her lovely eyes smile
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Congratulations!!! She's very beautiful!!!!

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