New Arrivals!!! (Custom Dal & Pinocchio Dal!)
So I had two great arrivals in the mail today! I was expecting one of them but the other was a surprise as I didn't think it would come until tomorrow.

So, here are the girls waiting by the letterbox this morning for the arrival we were expecting:

[Image: 4502152995_8b2217bee1.jpg]

And so today's first and expected arrival was Sam! He started out life as a Jolie but went to have a custom face up by Darragh (love_alice) to be turned into a boy.

There are more pics on my Flickr but here are a few (click to see them bigger). The wig is only a temporary one I am using for him. I ordered him one specially in the Dollmore GO so hopefully it won't be too much longer before that arrives.

That's Better! Sam Close Up Close Up Sam

And then the next arrival was my first ever brand new doll, a Dal Pinocchio!!! I will be raising him as a boy (lol) called Alex. I think I will manage it; he will just be quite feminine ^__^

The skintone is really nice. Not as tanned as you'd have thought but still noticeable different. His stock outfit is nicely made. The stitching is a little loose on his black waistcoat but that is all I have noticed so far. The shoes however, are AWFUL! They do not fit at all.

So, there are more pics of him as I did some of the box etc. As usual, click to see them bigger and see more on my photostream too:

It's Alex!! (Pinocchio) Back of Box Pinocchio Alex/Pinocchio Alex/Pinocchio Alex/Pinocchio
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Congratulations on your two boys! They're really cute. Well, all of your dolls are!
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What cute boys! Congrats on your new arrivals

Thank you both so much =) They are both so lovely, but I really need to find more clothes for them.

My William should be here soon too because the parcel tracker says he has cleared customs here so he should come in the next few days.
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:0 Oooh, they will make good boys! :3 I can't wait to see Sam especially, in his new wig!
Thank you =)

Here are some more piccies of them settling into their new home ^__^ Alex is out of his stock and in a more comfy outfit now. (if you see any pins on their jeans, ignore them because they are just there to hold them together, lol! They are too big so I had to pin them for now)

Bottom Bunk Top Bunk Playing Goodnight Boys! Goodnight Sam! Goodnight Alex!

I think Sam's wig is actually going to end up being quite a similar colour to Alex's which is possibly a shame as I wanted them to be different. I did order a black one too in the same style but I don't think it will look right with his eyebrows. We'll see when they arrive I guess!
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:0 Oh my gods, their bed is adorable! Where did you find that?! ^-^
I love them, they are super cute!
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Their bed is from a playset for an action man type doll called Military Life. They are solider dolls like action man. It comes with the bunks, a locker and other accessories. I have only kept the bed, locker, mug & toothbrush, and guitar from the set. I sold the rest. You can get it on Amazon here:

But I was lucky to get mine on ebay for a lot less. That was partly because mine didn't have the doll with it but I didn't want it anyway, haha!

EDIT - Oh, and my mum made their bedding =)
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AWWW! Congratulations!!! Both your new boys are sooo cute! I had no idea Pinoch. would be sooo adorable. lol, now I kind of want one, but a girl! lol! That first pic of your girls waiting for them is soooo pretty! I love that picture! And your bunkbeds are such an awesome find! <3
Oh wow, Dals work really well as boys! Both of them are utterly adorable! And I love how their clothes are a bit baggy, like kids clothes. So very cute. I keep squeeing over how cute they are.

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Yes, I think Pinocchio would make a lovely girl too. Maybe in the future I will get another and make Alex a twin sister =)

And Puzzle, thank you ^__^ I'm glad people think they are as cute as I do, hehe smile
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They are SO stunning, I really want Pinocchio haha XD

I love the bed so much!
Thank you so much!! I adore them both =)

You should totally get a Pinocchio. He/she really is such a lovely Dal.
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Wow Pinocchio dal is so cute! Never realised how sweet she looks!
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