Wonderland dresses for a friend
A few weeks ago, a friend said she wanted to do a trade for some clothes I make. These are the first of them, an Alice In Wonderland theme for her to dress her dolls in for their trip to Disney World.

Zoey modeling Queen Of Hearts dress
[Image: Zoeyqueenofhearts.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyqueenofhearts2.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyqueenofhearts3.jpg]

Zoey modeling Cheshire Cat dress (with hat and detachable tail)
[Image: ZoeyChesireCat-1.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyChesireCatback-1.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyincatdressforObscuria-1.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyincatdressforObscuria2-1.jpg]

Kone modeling Cheshire Cat hat (it goes with the dress but won't fit on Zoey's head because of her pigtails)
[Image: KonaChesireCat-1.jpg]

Zoey modeling Alice dress (Pullip size)
[Image: ZoeyindressforObscuria-1.jpg]

Sakura modeling Alice dress (Dal size)
[Image: SakuraindressforObscuria-1.jpg]
oh those are kool - i like the Cheshire dress and hat the most - its so cute
Waiii, totally cute... the dresses are really sweet! I love the Cheshire Cat ^___^ The hat is funny!!!
Those are really adorable <3 I love the playing-card dress and the two Alice dresses especially <33
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OMG those are adorable Kat!
What a nice work!! i love the Alice dress and Sakura looks so cute on it n.n
Love them ALL!
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These are ADORABLE!
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AWW! XD I love the Alice dress!

I adore them!

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Wonderful!! I love the Cheshire Cat hat and the alice dresses best =)
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They all look wonderful! You're really talented!

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