Triple Papin XD
A new girl arrived, maybe 3 weeks ago... Now I want to show her with her Doubles *gg*
[Image: 3z9seumy.jpg]

Only 2 little shots of my Papins... I looooove all 3 Heart 2
Penelopé, Sayuri and Akemi
[Image: 9n2bgnky.jpg]

[Image: 2lvi83x6.jpg]

And one BONUS-Pic ^___^ My cute Alice Cullen again *g* With a little bit blonde, hehe...
[Image: d3eds48o.jpg]

Thanks for looking Happy
Awwww I love them!
Alice = <3! She is SO perfect. You can't go wrong with triple Papin either Tongue
They are so cute! grin
Thank you soooo much... My girls are happy you like them Heart
The Papin's are wonderful, such pretty girls!

But Alice is amazing! I love seeing her!
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She's so sweet! The triplets look so happy together!
Hehe thank you again... And yes, they are really happy together! ^___^ And Alice is really proud you all like her so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute! smile
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Wow they are so cute together >< and your Alice Cullen is amazing!
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pretty triplets! And the cullen girl is adorable!
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Your Alice is spot on!
I also love all of your nendoroids. omygosh~<3

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