3 Little Dals
Just wanna share a few pics of 3 of my Dals Happy

Cremini's going to a picnic for two
[Image: picnic.jpg]

Portobello's feeling artistic today
[Image: lilarsist.jpg]

And Porcini (seem to be upset for not getting a solo pic ^^; )
[Image: cremini_acr.jpg]

Thanks for viewing ^^
Awww. :3 I especially love Portobello, she looks very calm there with her art supplies!
So cute! I love them all. So cute how they seem to have different personalities. grin
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Awww I love the mushroom names so cute! I love all the pics, so cute!
So very sweet =)
[Image: familya.png]
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I LOVE your girls soooo much, they are very very cute *___* Portobello is my favorite girl at the time, hehe... But all of the are sweeeeeeeeet <3
Very cute! Great pics - they seem to show their characters so well!
I absolutely love the little picnic set and the paint set. Are those rements? Their so adorable!
I love your Dals. And only now I realized that their names are mushrooms! Very cute!
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Thanks for all the sweet comments yay I need to take pics of the entire Dal clan at some point o-o

(05-11-2010, 09:51 AM)KiraKira Wrote: I love your Dals. And only now I realized that their names are mushrooms! Very cute!

Yup all my dals are named after mushrooms except Wednesday ^^ my girls are :
Cinnamoroll= Mushroom
Coral= Portobello
Rotchan= Truffle
Hangry(custom)= Chanterelle
Rotchan(custom)= Wednesday (supposed to be Lepiota which is a shroom too XD )
Puki= Cremini
ACR= Porcini

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