Nana-Nae (custom)
Hey!!! ^__^
This is Nana and she is my custom Nahh-ato, you might of seen her in the sales thread at one point showing off grab bags, but I got sick of that look...LOL!
So I re-did her face-up hmm twice now, and I'm finally happy with her! grin
What do you guys think? grinDD

[Image: 4582791322_a85c93da96.jpg]

[Image: 4582791398_08dc1c022c.jpg]

[Image: 4582161977_19352ce485.jpg]

[Image: 4582162011_f89aa2a4ac.jpg]

[Image: 4582791476_f5de48625b.jpg]

[Image: 4582791432_2a3bd82156.jpg]

She also has gauged ears, I didn't take a photo of that, and I did a bit of lip carving and eye shaping. grin Her lips look a bit black in the photos but they in real life they are a dark red. <3

And two bonus completely unrelated pics:
[Image: 4582790668_e0457692e5.jpg]
My Pig Babies! <3 Baby Louie(on the left) is looking horrified because he is a boy. I made them both wear the dresses I made to model for the pictures, which gave baby Wuu(right) quite a bit of giddy satisfaction. LOL!

[Image: 4582160893_c1cc56740d.jpg]
And my Chin-chin! grinDD It is SO hard to get a decent photo of him because he moves SO fast, and it doesnt help that the camera gives him the creepers. LOL!
But I thought you guys might enjoy this pick cause his eyes are so cute and look anime-ish! grinDD <3
She is really really awesome *____* I love her eyes and the dress!!!!!!!!!!
omgosh she is stunning! i love all of the pics smile
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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She is really beautiful!!!

And the piggies are so cute!! And your Chin-chin is lovely too =)
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Oooh! You finished her!!! She is so pretty (it's making me want a Nahhato more, drat you Amy XD ). I love the bolderlook you gave her and, oddly enough, I like her with no eyebrows. It really works with her overall face up. And that outfit is so cute *0*

Also huge hugs to Wuu and Chin <3 They're adorable!
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I love Nana! She is so beautiful!
Chu, Mobscenes, Princesspetal: THANK YOU!!!!! I really tried! I'm so glad you like her!!!!!!

Steph! LOL!!!!! Nahh-ato's are actually really really fun to customize! grinDD You should! The colors like pop off her face! grin Wuu and Chin *HUG BACKS* accept Chin will squirm and nibble you! XD LOL!

Lisa! Thank you, boobear!!! :3 Issie is next! XD

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