Jouet family reunion
Requiemart came over for a visit yesterday, her custom boy Joel decided to stay here on leave a few days so I decided to take some Jouet family pictures.
[Image: 4602277718_91945a72a1.jpg]
The full family- Sorbeto (Mini Jouet), Gelato (Jouet), Joyette (Custom Hello Kitty by Requiemart) and the visiting Joel (custom by Requiemart).
[Image: 4601662131_a03a85b507.jpg]
Gelato is of course a real ham seeing how she is the one that started it all.
[Image: 4602276918_ce635ef079.jpg]
[Image: 4602278410_316e27f9c5.jpg]
Joyette and Joel tried to have a few photos of just them together but it didn't last long Sweatdrop
[Image: 4602279190_746f647cf9.jpg]
[Image: 4601666157_887a2b7025.jpg]
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Awww such a cute family!
omgoshh i literally aww'ed out loud grin so precious
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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Awww they are so cute! ♥
Awww they are all so adorable!!
[Image: familya.png]
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They're so cute together! Hope they enjoy Joel's visit!
love your family! they all look absolutely stunning!!!!
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They are cute!!
They're stunning! grin
But why not a blonde haired and red eyed Jolie too? Innocent
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Awesome family, I absolutely adore Jouet <3

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

They are so cute together. Looks like it was a lot of fun!
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