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(05-31-2010, 02:08 AM)Corinoo Wrote: ***L-lo*** has taken pictures of Mercy yesterday, in a nerd convention, and she has done a beautiful work <3 Hope she will post them!

A bit late but still there they are, I love this girl ♥

And you should post pics of Clea's new faceup she's even more gorgeous than before!

[Image: mercy1.jpg]

[Image: mercy6.jpg]

[Image: mercy7.jpg]

[Image: mercy2.jpg]

[Image: mercy8.jpg]

[Image: mercy4.jpg]

[Image: mercy3.jpg]

[Image: mercy5.jpg]

Heart 2
Oh, I am so in love with all their gorgeous acrylic eyes!

Clea is my favorite, being a former goth girl myself!

And are Mercy's eyes Masterpiece Blue Eclipses?

They are just a lovely gang of beauties!
My pic-fic, SVM: Drop Dead Gorgeous, is no more. Check out the tiny archive here: Episode 1 Heart 2 Episode 2 Heart 2
I'm pretty sure Corinoo won't mind me answering instead of her, Mercy's got Coolcat's custom flats chips! Pretty impressive I must say ^^

And wait 'til you see the new Clea, she's even more beautiful than before (oh yeah trust me that's possible!) ♥

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